Thaemor Horror - Escape from the Obelisk part 2

So I know that this adventure could have been WAY more horror-filled, it just isn't.  For me, Horror is not about being scary straight from the beginning.  The slow build up to, or rather descent to, the scary bits are where Horror gets good.
I realized after I hit the 'post discussion' button that I forgot to say more about the characters in part 1.

Lady Hortence Bartholomew, of Marne is the young widow of Baron Marne.  Marne, we decided is a barony within Thaemor more in the heartlands of the country.  She is not the Baroness of Marne because of succession laws.

Hypatia, is a bastard child of Kaldon, second king of Thaemor.

Malik, is also a bastard child, but of a yet to be discovered noble.

Zeta, is an entertainer, a street magician (huckster)

and Diz, is a battle hardened, former Thaemor soldier. 


  • Exploring through some more passages and a couple of empty chambers, they found themselves back in the gallery with the pile of bodies.  Warily they looked around, expecting the rogue Nano to jump out at them and teleport them away again only to notice the looking glass on the top of the pile.  Glethran seemed to be absent, so Malik sat on the throne.  The others climbed the pile and gathered around the glass to try and discern what it was and what it does.  Hypatia spied a groove at the top of the glass made by hands from two of the bodies reaching out to touch each other.  Diz inserted the cube.  It fit and turned the hands and arms holding it a silvery red.  In the cube itself small pinpoints of light, started flashing on and off in an indiscernible pattern.  Not finding anything else to help with their situation the group moves on.    

    They find themselves in the room with the yellow cube structure once again.  Zeta takes the opportunity to inspect the sculpture a second time to attempt to figure out if there was a way to make her hand come back or reappear.  The cubes answer her mental plea and force her mind to briefly connect to the Datasphere.   Just long enough for her to ask and receive an answer to one question.

    “How can we get out of this situation?”

    A vision of a large green crystal, a smaller green crystal and an ethereal floating woman was the answer.

    “Well, that doesn’t really help.”

    A few chambers and passageways later they find themselves in front of a large green crystal propped against the walls, with a woman floating inside it.

    “Well, okay then…” 

    Zeta inspected the large green crystal.  Using that feeling from the previous intrusion to her mind, she manages to connect her mind to the human like woman floating in there.  Expressing her and her friends desire to get out of the obelisk and be rid of the infection, the woman caused a small crystal to extrude itself from the opposite wall of the chamber.  Zeta was left with the impression that if they were to find any other of the crystal sleepers they should be left alone but this new crystal would help their use of the looking glass and facilitate their exit from the obelisk.

    With new purpose the group returned to the gallery with the looking glass and the pile of bodies.  They go straight up to the looking glass.  Hypatia attempts to stab the reflective plane with the crystal received from the woman trapped in the crystal.

    “NO!” is heard from behind them in the direction of the throne as Hypatia is blasted with energy that makes it feel as if the very structure of her back is being blasted apart.  Diz picked up the dropped crystal and continued Hypatia’s plan and stabs the plane of the glass.  For his trouble he receives a flash of insight seemingly from the device itself.  In that instant Ren understands how to operate the device as it shows him a scene of the encampment that they had left behind last night.  Malik pulls his sword and takes off at a break-neck speed to confront Glethran.  Hypatia, Zeta and Lady Marne stay atop the pile and attack him from a distance as Ren steps into and through the surface of the looking glass, disappearing from the chamber.  Attacking the Nano seems like a futile effort as every attack misses the mark.  Malik weaved a devastating pattern of death with the end of his sword, which Glethran seemed to easily side step away from.  Hypatia launched the vial containing the quicksilver ooze at the Nano only to have it fall short.  The ooze, now free starts attacking the pile of bodies ignoring everything else.  Lady Marne and Zeta attempt ranged attacks to take down the Nano.  Their missiles hitting near the Nano and Malik, but not actually hitting anything. 

    Not wanting to wait around until the interlopers can actually land a blow Glethran uses his now fleeting control of the looking glass to draw forth a small flock of Tetrahydras he had been watching,  and transports himself away from the combatants.

    Frightened and disoriented by being transported into the obelisk the Tetrahydras lash out at the group and start attacking.  The group, defending themselves as best as they can from the flying creatures gather at the looking glass in a hope that they could use it as Glethran had.  The creature’s constant attacks don’t actually allow them much time to actually study the device.  Just then the face of their comrade Diz emerges from the surface of the glass.

    “I figured it out!  And, you can come through as well!  Well, come along, I got a fire lit!”

    Zeta and Hypatia step through the rippling surface first as Lady Marne stays back defending the opening from the tetrahydras awaiting Malik to make it back from across the chamber.  As he arrives at the top of the pile, one of the circling tetrahydras dives at him weaving past Hortence’s attack and manages to catch hold of the warrior in its tentacles.  Bound, He and the tetrahydra fall to the ground and begin wrestling.  Lady Marne, seeing this gives the tetrahydra a swift kick towards the portal forcing it through so that it could drag Malik along and dove into it herself.  Yelling to Diz that they were all through, Diz then crushed the small green crystal that was holding the mental link to the looking glass.  Its destruction severed the trans-space connection before the other tetrahydras could follow. 

    All four of them, then proceeded to beat upon the tetrahyda in an attempt to kill it or free Malik from its tentacles.  Hurt and demoralized, the creature made a final screech, disentangled from Malik and launched itself into the air.  The group of humans then peppered its escape with rocks.
  • Interesting characters you have there - are you angling towards politics, Game of Thrones stuff etc?

    If you're interested; I designed a card-based system using a pack of playing cards that quickly creates an entire dynasty. You can use it for PC background, or just to see what comes out of it (used it to flesh out the royal house of Ancuan and quite a lot of plot elements came out.

    The file is quite big so I'll PM it to you to have a look at.
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