Thaemor Horror - Escape from the Obelisk Part 1


I started this campaign using Escape From The Obelisk adventure from the Numenera book Weird Discoveries.  I don't feel bad about posting this because this is how we played through it, and I a firm believer that your results, if you chose to play this adventure, will vary - drastically.  I also I did not keep very good notes on the conversations just the major events.  for the second adventure since it is based WAY more on actual roleplay than rollplay I fixed that. 
So this campaign still has my three base players my son Ren, my daughter Tabitha, and my wife Susan playing Diz, Zeta, and Lady Marne respectively.  We also have two other players, our friends Virginia and Tell (yes, that is his real name) playing Hypatia and Malik respectively.  This is actually Virginia's FIRST foray into tabletop RPGs.  And she said that she had a lot of fun which is why we continued after this. Tell's experience is mostly palladium games and other rules heavy systems. So he was kind of expecting more crunchy die rolling, but he really got in to the storytelling by the end of the session.

I had a day off today, so I thought I'd post this stuff earlier than I had originally planned. 


  • While out on a hunting expedition, five old friends hoping for a little distraction set up camp near a small wooded area in the rolling hills of Thaemor, and bedded down for the evening.  They awoke finding themselves in an unknown cavern-like chamber.  The walls seemed to be made of a luminescent orange sponge, solid, yet giving slightly under pressure.  Taking stock of their surroundings, themselves and each other they found nothing missing but each of them had a new silver pustule like tumor prominently placed on their bodies, spidery veins of silver radiating away and out from the tumor.

    Startling them, a large plate of energy formed in the air in front of them.  The head and shoulders of a human man dressed in a purple high collared jacket favored by those from the southern countries of the Steadfast appeared within the smoky plate. His hungry eyes fixed on each of the confused people in turn.  He then cleared his throat to get their attention.

    “Welcome!  I am your host, you may call me Glethran.” He began, “As of this moment, you have one day at most before the Iron-wind derived infection I have given each of you transforms you into a wondrously new but utterly lifeless substance.  Until then, have fun exploring the obelisk. If you’re especially lucky, maybe you’ll get free, for all the good it’ll do you.  I’ll be watching!” When he finished speaking the plate of energy shrank in on itself as they watched leaving nothing behind.

    Showing his disgust, Malik the Glaive spit upon the wall only to have the spittle absorbed by the sponge in quick order. 

    After a short discussion the five of them decide that if they want out of the spongy caves they need to find an exit or find that Glethran and have him lead them out. 

    Picking the tunnel that had a faint blue light coming from it, they found chamber with a floor to ceiling structure of floating and spinning yellow crystal like cubes with mind numbing geometries in one of the chambers.  Hypatia hoping to stop the spinning and harsh processes of the Cubes pulled out a pair of small bluish metal balls that cause the surrounding area to get really cold or freeze and threw them at the structure.  At the same time that Zeta was attempting to touch the surface of the structure.  The interaction of the spheres, the odd geometry cubes and the fact the balls struck the device not far from her head, Zeta accidentally stuffed her hand into the odd spinning structure up to midway on her forearm.  Panicking, she yanked her hand back only to find her hand missing, though without the blood and gore usually attributed to such a problem.  She could still feel and grasp things with that hand and arm as if the limb was still present but she and the others could not see nor touch that hand and arm, objects passed through the space as if it was not there.  Frightened of the spinning and churning cubes they moved on.   The silver affliction spreads just a little bit for every one.

    Following the passages they came into a large gallery.  Prominently placed in the front of the mouth of the passageway, they found a large pile of metallic human and non-human bodies in various positions seemingly frozen in death throes and agony.  Diz and Malik hacked bits off of the bodies to see if they were solid, only to find body structures inside also turned to metal. 

    “Those are not statues, those were people”

    The group was fascinated with the pile until they heard a chuckle coming from the other side.  Walking around the pile the group found their host, Glethran, sitting on a throne made of severed metal body parts watching them. 

    “Good job!  I really didn’t expect to see you get here just yet.”

    Both Diz and Malik pull their weapons and charge towards the throne.

    “You are amusing, though.”  And with a swish and a flick of power, the group find themselves transported into another chamber entirely.  This one seemed unremarkable, aside from the single spinning metal cube taking up the center of the room.   The sides of the structure slowly opens and closes as the whole thing spins, revealing spinning metal teeth.  In the center of the grinder-like space inside the construct Hypatia spies a smaller separate cube.  This one spinning in the opposite direction.  Thinking that it might be useful, she devised a plan to pull it out.  Hypatia tied a spike to the end of the rope in her pack and throws it.  Hoping to knock a small spinning silver cube out of the center of the contraption, she misses instead.  The spike and the rope attached plinks off the edge of the small cube and into the spinning teeth.  Having most of her rope and the borrowed spike eaten by the contraption, she starts trying to devise a new plan.  Diz, seeing Hypatia’s plan fail, pulled a grappling hook and rope out of his pack and succeeded in the same maneuver.  Plucking the tiny cube from the grinder and depositing into his hand, causing the large contraption to slowly grind to a halt.  The two of them start studying the cube, as they leave all leave the room behind.

    At the end of the next passageway the group is startled by a monstrous drop of quicksilver.  The drop, 15 ft. across and quivering started to ooze its way to the mouth of the tunnel as they emerge from it.  Being in such close proximity to the gigantic drop of quicksilver, the group discovers their silver affliction spreading at an alarming rate, making it more difficult to swing their weapons.  Not feeling they have time to worry in the face of the advancing ooze they all start slapping the bauble with the flat of their blades and hammers.  Each impact of their weapons causing parts to splash off the surface and instantly evaporate.  Which they continued to do until the last of it had been converted to vapor.  Using her refrigeration spheres, Hypatia was able to collect a few pieces of the ooze that she froze before they could evaporate in a vial borrowed from Lady Marne.  

  • Looking good so far. Hope it's ok, I've cut and pasted your stuff into a journal so I can peruse it off-line
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