Not Sure If This Is the Right Place for This: Where's a Good Place to Join Numenera Play by Post

Hey all, 

I'm super busy, and the only way I could get to play Numenera right now is if I play by post. 

I tried the search function on the right to see if anyone has posted about this, but I came up dry. I've also looked at Paizo and Rpg Crossing, but there didn't seem to be any Numenera-related games that were open...

Roll20 would be cool too but I don't see any open ones on Saturdays which is when I'm available.  

Can someone help me out?

I'm a Skeane Nano who Moves Like the Wind, and I've love to game with some friendly Ninthworlders. 

Anyone got a link to something that I could join?

Thanks for your time. 


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