Moves Like the Wind Foci compatible with Numenera?

Iadace everyone, 

I'm cranny777. Nice to meet all of you. :)  

Just a quick question. Is the "Moves like the Wind" foci in the Cypher System Rulebook guide compatible with Numenera? 

I ask because -- while the book says that they are compatible -- the foci seems OP in the Numenera context.   For example, by the fourth tier you can run at 200 mph for 10 minutes.

Anyway, I just wanted the opinion of you folks because I really, really want to roll a character in Numenera that's super fast ... but I wouldn't want it to unbalance the game. 



  • Iadace Cranny777 - welcome to the boards

    I don't see why you can't use it, for various reasons. It could be you move that fast due to a numenera implant, or nanobots. Or you could just be cybered up. Also, the world is a BIG place (even just the Steadfast) and being able to move quickly across it could be an advantage. It could also be a disadvantage! The possibilities for GMI are many (like, what's your stopping distance and who put that chasm there?)
    I don't think it would unbalance the Game. So you can get somewhere quickly. It doesn't mean everybody else can, so you could end up miles away from the rest of your group, facing down a group of angry Broken Hounds whose lair you just blundered through.
    So I'd say - go with it and have fun.
  • Ha! a new face, Welcome Cranny.

    If your GM had a problem with it, they could always stop you.  Otherwise roll with it. 
  • Thanks Stolentime and Brass_Jester. 

    Nice to meet you. 

    Looking forward to rolling it :smiley: 
  • Cranny
    Just to clarify - you don't roll characters in Numenera. You design them. There are a few tables you can roll on; but they are not really mandatory

    Character creation can really be as simple as: - I am a Crafty Glaive who Moves Like the Wind.

    That's it. Really. Fill in the blanks when you need to. This suggests to me an assassin of some kind; but it is wide open to interpretation
  • Nice. Thanks to the advice of Brass_Jester and Stolentime, I went with I am a Skeane Nano who Moves Like the Wind.
  • Where are the Skeane listed?  I'm asking because I don't feel like looking though all the books until I find it, but I am interested in reading up on it.
  • Hey Stolentime, good morning :)

    The Skeane are in "Into the Deep" and "Character Options 2." They're amphibious, they build their own cyphers, and they look like a mix of between a dolphin and a penguin. They come from the City of Rust (which has four capricious artificial intelligences that are worshiped as gods) but can travel all over the Ninth World. Skeane also get sick very easily. 

    Image result for skeane numenera
  • Wow! An intriguing first build. I too must look up the Skeane (I've got "Into the Deep" but not "Options 2" yet (I decided to get "Tides - the Explorer's Guide"))
  • All three books are excellent.  I like the skeane, they are interesting.  But I'm not sure that they fit in either of my games... yet
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