The House at Codun

Grateful for the return of his prize Rukomol and true to his word, Ruko Uolis bought the Wayfarers a house on the edge of the town of Codun (in the Pytharon Empire).


                The sale took some time to go through; it was on the 29th of Prevaen when they headed out to view their new house. It wasn’t quite what they were expecting. A screen of hedges and vegetation hid a perfectly circular lake, crossed by four bridges at the north, south east and west. The bridges led to a circular island; on this was a building that looked like a pile of stone globes or spheres piled on top of one another in a random pattern. Many of the spheres had asymmetric curved windows set in them; some were obviously open to the sky, like balconies. There was one doorway, facing south, with a clump of smaller pods / globes next to it.


                Galadiir strode towards the doorway. The nearest pod split open to reveal a tooth-lined maw and a set of grasping tendrils – an Orgulous! Galadiir was struck and grasped by the tendrils, which started to pull him into the mouth. Harrylock leapt forward to help him and a second Orgulous opened and attacked him. He was not so lucky; the stinging venom on the tendrils paralysed him and he was dragged towards the creature. Sonny charged his verred and severed the tendril holding Harrylock; Galadiir used Ice Onslaught to break free; almost immediately the creature grabbed him again. A second Ice Onslaught hurt the creature and it released him and closed up. Judson shot successive arrows into the other Orgulous and it released Harrylock and closed up.


                They decided to come back later and deal with the Orgulous * Passing through the entrance, they went through a kind of force field and into an entrance hall.


(GM: The entire house is a series of globular rooms arranged on top of each other, linked by curving stairs, or sometimes on the same level, with just a slight step up or down. I gave them an expanded map of the house with named areas showing the links, and let them explore.)


                They first of all went to the Force Room; Galadiir and Judson were seized by an invisible hand of force and thrown against the far wall, taking some damage. They continued up the outside stairs to the East Balcony, Harrylock and Sonny went up to the Kitchen.


                In the Kitchen, they found it a well-equipped and spotless food preparation area. At one side was a large machine wearing a chef’s hat at a jaunty angle. There was a speaker grille, a dial reading 1-10 and a large green button. Sonny pressed the button. The machine spoke, with an outrageous French accent: -


“Ah, M’seur, you have made an excellent choice. I, Henri-Louis, will prepare for you Sauted Serand Roots with a Scange dressing. It will be ready immediately.”


                A panel slid open and out came a plate with a steaming dish of food on it. Sonny tried the food; it was delicious.


                Judson turned the dial to ‘10’ and pressed the button.


“Ah, M’seur, you have made an excellent choice for your banquet. I, Henri-Louis, will prepare for you Sauted Serand Roots with a Scange dressing. It will be ready in a short time”.


                Sometime later, the panel slid open and out came ten plates of steaming food.


                The East Balcony was overgrown with a moss-like flower. Galadiir and Judson went through into the Living Room. There was a dining table and eight chairs, as well as low sofas arranged around an opaque globe. The globe didn’t seem to do anything, so they went through to the Kitchen. Galadiir pressed the button.


“Ah, M’seur, you have made an excellent choice. I, Henri-Louis, will prepare for you a selection of Chatowsis in Arrakhee. It will be ready immediately.”


The panel slid open and a plate of food slid out. It was yellow balls of something in a thick brown sauce; it stank like an unwashed dog. Galadiir picked it up and threw it in the bin.

Judson set the dial to ‘3’ and got three plates of delicious Wegan Bean stew topped with flaked Scarrap. He ate all of them, stating he was hungry**


                Galadiir and Judson headed up to the Library, Sonny and Harrylock went down to the Basement. They found the Cellar, stocked with all types of rare vintages; some possibly not of this world. The Imagination Room, with its weird shifting images, gave them a headache. They headed down to the Basement.


                In the Library, they found a windowless room with many synth panels covering the walls. A central dais held a circular panel on a pedestal. Galadiir found how to activate it; the Library was an Asset to any general research tasks. Moving up to the Study, this was another windowless room with a large synth panel on one wall and a table showing a map of the Steadfast. The map was not active.


“There must be a power switch somewhere. Is it in the basement perhaps?”


                Sonny and Harrylock entered the basement; it was dark and they were using a glowglobe. Just too late, Harrylock yelled a warning; Sonny walked into a Steel Spider web that sliced into him. The spiders were alerted and moved to attack; Harrylock backed off; yelling to Sonny to do the same. Sonny elected to stand and fight;*** it soon became obvious that he was outmatched.  He did use a tactic of sending an electric charge through the webs; creating an area effect. However, he was bitten and badly hurt by the injected monofilament. He retreated back to the Kitchen.


                The Observatory was a hemisphere; open to the sky but covered by a window field (they had found that all of the windows were covered by a force field that stopped wind and rain getting in.) In the centre of the room stood a three-armed device; designed to rotate. A simple examination showed that each of the arms was made to have something attached to it.


                In the Upper Hall, Galadiir found a niche in the wall with a bracelet in it. The bracelet had a series of tiny lights set in it, along with the inscription '"Mi raba in nehati predvajati enega". He did not recognise the language; he put on the bracelet.


                Back in the Kitchen, they decided to take on the Steel Spiders in the basement. The fight was fairly straightforward, although Harrylock stumbled into a large piece of web and was hurt, this shook him as he is not used to taking damage. Eventually the spiders were killed. ****


                Searching the room (taking extra care because of the monofilament web left); Judson found a Needle Pistol and Sonny found a Rejuvenation cypher. A control panel turned on the power to the house; they could seal the front door; turn off the Force Room and operate the lights in each room.


                The day was drawing late and they decided to turn in for the night. There were six bedrooms available; each was identical. A bathroom / fresher removed all grime and dirt using sonic force; the bed was a disc on the floor with a suspensor field projected above it.


                The following morning they awoke to find Galadiir was missing. A note was in the living area, on the table.


“My friends. The time has come that I must go away. I may return; but I may not be the same person that you knew. I have left some item in my room – use them wisely. G” ****


End of Adventure


XP = 2




* Actually, their first thought was to go and find Uolis and beat him up for selling them a turkey.

** The 29th is the night of the Full Moon – Judson’s warning timer isn’t working.

*** Interesting. Sonny’s player (Joe) actually has a phobia against spiders.


**** So does Matt


***** This is actually a parting of the ways. Matt is off to university (in Leicester) and so will not be a regular Wayfarer.  We are hoping that, once he is settled in, that maybe we can Game still on a Tuesday using Skype.



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