GM Looking for 1-2 players Online Numenera using Fantasy Grounds

GMJames is looking for 1 to 2 players to play Sunday evenings weekly from 6-8PM Mountain [5-7 Pacific, 7-9 Central, 8-10 Eastern].

We have a long running group of RPG players who have played several rule sets, including D&D, Aces & Eights, and several more. We are now playing Numenera [started 1 month ago]. One of our players is taking a leave of absence and we would enjoy meeting a few new players. Our online group has been assembled in the same way you would be joining. No one knew each other prior to responding to a request to join.

We are an adult group, so looking for mature players committed to recurring online gaming. We play using Fantasy Grounds and Google voice chatting at no cost to the player. We are a pretty even mix of role play, hack-n-slash, puzzle solving, storytelling. Weekly commitment is a must.

Immediate openings. Come join over 6 years of online playing!

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