Ice Armour esotery and Trained without armour

We've had some confusion over this in the Wayfarers; so I'm interested in what other GM's think.

Trained without armour (p29) says the character is trained in Speed Defence when not wearing armour

Ice Armour esotery (p73) says a Sheen of Ice covers the body with a sheen of ice; gives +1 to Armour, and can be shared with another person.

Armour is defined as the actual number subtracted from the damage caused

armour is defined as the armour actually worn.

So, Galadiir could use the esotery on Judson to cover him in a sheen of ice; giving Judson one point of Armour whilst still allowing him to use his Trained without armour ability.

Do you agree?


  • I do, I think the basic premise is similar to mage armor. It would add to the Armor rating without actually having to wear anything or it being encumbering, plus it doesn't stick around.
  • For the Truth Stolentime, that's how we interpreted it and are playing it
  • Was this apart of a new campaign or just an addition to your Wayfarer's story?  Just curious.  I hate to admit it but I have a tendency to start something new when I lose players.  Even if they were not an important part of the story. 
  • Hi Stolentime

                    This is still part of the Journal of the Wayfarers. If you like, Season One has ended with the departure of Galadiir. Galadiir was a major character to be sure, but he has not gone for good.

                    They have the house at Codun to give them a base of operations, somewhere to call home and somewhere to defend if threatened.

                    I have also been running a series of solo adventures:- The Journal of Sica Sendrillar. Would you be interested in reading these? They are run using a combination of Mythic GME, Story Cubes and my own stuff. The plot has certainly developed in a way I never imagined.

  • Only if you want to share it. :)  If you couldn't tell by some of my other posts, I love stories.  And so far I have been enjoying reading the Wayfarers' adventures.  I thought that Galadiir's departure was a little abrupt, but otherwise the whole thing has been really fun, at least reading it on this side of the pond.  Are the rest of you still in school?  because I did think it a little odd only one of you was headed off to university.  As for the other game, I can't say I know too much about Mythic but I'm always willing to learn. 

    I'm running two games (both Numenera) at the moment myself, and I have been leaning towards putting the notes/stories for both of them on here, because of you and the Wayfarers.  One I would be able to update regularly because I would be just posting the notes up to the present but we've been playing that one for the better part of a year, so there are a lot of notes.  I mean A LOT!  The other one just started, like two weeks ago.  I really don't have names for either campaign, I'm able to keep them separate, in my head, because both have different players.  The longer one is more action based, I use a lot of pulp style adventures and the new one is going to be based more on Victorian horror/investigative adventures.  I have a tendency to over-complicate things so I have found that I kinda have to run most games from (heavily modified) pre-printed adventures or things get out of hand. For me anyway.  Would you be interested if I started posting those?

    Sorry, I don't talk in person a lot, so I tend to ramble when I write.  My brother hates it when I email him. 
  • Hi Stolentime

    Glad you’re enjoying the stories; as a group we have been playing Numenera for almost exactly a year now and it is our Number One RPG system (apart from the pulp adventures Thrilling Tales; I use Savage Worlds for this because it seems to work better and I’ve got a lot of stuff prepared.)

    Some background – We meet on a Tuesday at my house. The Wayfarers are my son Ben (Judson), he’s 19 and is a pharmacy technician, Joe (Sonny), he’s 19 and is a dental implant technician, Matt (Galadiir), he’s 20 and is off to University to do something to do with computer science and Harry (Harrylock), he’s 19 and is a driver / mechanic. Me? I’m a Group Presenter / trainer and am … let’s just say, on the wrong side of 50. They all met at school and have been Gaming since 2009 (Joe joined us last year when he came back to the Black Country).

    The Sica Sendrillar Game is running because it gives me a chance to test out various rules and setting combinations, and also because it’s fun.

    Mythic is a solo engine for running ANY RPG with or without a GM; it is excellent at what it does. I use Rory’s Story Cubes (a set of dice with symbols on) to determine NPC character. My own stuff is the Journey System, the Exploration System and … lots of other stuff.

    I would be very interested to read your adventure write-ups – please post them.

  • Okay I don't feel so bad now, I wrongly assumed you were much younger, Jester, instead you are older than me.  I apologize for my assumption.  I read this after posting the PM.  Our days are on Sunday.  Alternating weeks (now) for which group (and campaign)  we are playing with.  So I will start posting the game notes and I'll introduce the players then.
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