Can you use Edge to reduce the cost of Combat Moves

Hi all, a quick question from a new Numenera player. I'm playing a Glaive with some Fighting moves, and the GM is allowing me to use my Edge to reduce the cost of using the Moves.

As the moves are Cost 1, this effectively means that they don't cost anything, which seems a little generous.

Is this a correct interpretation of the rules, or am I getting away with not spending the cost of the Fighting Move?


  • Yes, you are totally correct (as is your GM)

    a) You are a Glaive. You are supposed to be a kick-ass fighter. One good thing about Numenera is that starting characters are already good at what they do (not your average Level 1 character that could be killed by an angry rabbit).

    b) There is an example on Page 21 that illustrates this, using a Mental Blast where the cost is reduced to 0, therefore the character can use it for free.

    Don't forget though, most of the moves are an Action or part of an Action (usually Attack) so you are limited as to how many you can do. Also, your Edge only subtracts once from the total cost of everything that you are doing.
    e,g. I do a fist attack using 2 levels of Effort (Might), 1 to increase the chance of hitting, 1 to do extra damage is a total cost of 3+2 = 5 Might. If I then add in Bash(cost 1 Might) then the total cost is 6 Might, reduced by my Might Edge of 2 means the total cost is 4 Might to: - make it easier to hit the target, do +2 damage and dazes the target to make them easier to hit next Round. Not a bad combined move.
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    Thanks, that really helps clarify things
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