How u spend Shints?

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HI guys, I'm a 6 months numenera gm,
the problem is this:

I see artifacts as a nice dungeon end reward or medium big quest reward, so i don't like to sell them easily.

I use to make my group able to find sometime shops that sell cyphers(25-50 Shints usually for a medium power item).
we know othem "common" items and service are kinda cheap, so, what kind of things you propose to the players for making them able to spend shints with satisfaction?


  • I think the word is "Shin"  You of couars can call it what ever you like in your game.  In mine part of the deeper plot is replacing the Shin system with coins stamped from. Qi 

    Anyway I would say that they could use it as bribe money, Purchase a place to live ( or rent ) Tansportation?  Up keep?  Use Shins to send a messanger.  The more spent the better the messanger.  I have 3 or 4 NPC's that are Messangers.  PC's dont need a bunch of "stuff"  where will they put it?  Maybe some special boots that have a resistance to a particualr substance?  Entrance to a special Library or a donation to a temple? Pay off a fine ina bigger city?  Or some one elses? 

    Just thoughts I had on it. 

  • I don't very often give away shins as treasure (per se) as they are not really defined as coins, they are "shinys". What I do have is lots of cyphers and oddities and the rarer artefact. If the PC's need to stay somewhere, often then have to barter using a cypher they are carrying, or offer their services. If they do need actual shins (perhaps in the bigger towns and cities), then they need to sell something for whatever they can get for it.
     I also endorse Mithrindir's ideas for the use of shins
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