Scutimorphs: actual size?

This may be a bit pedantic, but as I prepare to GM my first campaign tomorrow, I'm trying to figure out how to describe the scutimorphs and the False Woods found in the core rulebook adventure "The Beale of Boregal".

The creature section of the book describes these giant millipedes as being 6-8' tall and twice as long. But the artists' rendition shows creature whose length is at least 10 times its height.

Assuming the bird in the image is a raven, I'd estimate the creature’s head to be almost 6’ across.

Furthermore, the tubes in the False Woods are described as being 10’ in diameter and 20’ tall. That means a circumference over 30’. To be wrapped around such a tube enough times to make it look like a giant tree, the critter would have to be 80’ long at a bare minimum.

Do you all think this is just a case of careless description and bad math, or am I missing something?

I'm considering just making the tubes much smaller in diameter, since it doesn't seem to have a direct impact on the story.


  • As a GM you have the power to change anything you don't like in the books.  In this case, it's probably a difference from written description to artist's interpretation.  Which can differ wildly.  The text also doesn't say if it is only one critter per tube/tree, just that a large critter is there.  You could say that the large ones are the most agitated if the PCs climb the tubes.  I'd go with the written description and let the player's imaginations fill in the rest.
  • I have always assumed the False Wood tube dimensions of 10' diameter / 20' tall was an error. The tubes are supposed to be roughly tree-shaped, but being only twice as tall as they are wide makes for some pretty squat "trees". I change them when I run this adventure to 10' circumference (so, a little over 3' diameter).
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