Creature movement question

When the corebook explains creature movement (p229) it says that if a player is chasing or being chased by a creature with better movement (e.g. long vs short) then their speed tasks will be modified.

Does this only apply to speed tasks specifically related to the chase? Or would it apply to any speed rolls, including dodging or defending in combat against such a creature?


  • Fairly certain that it is referring to Speed based rolls that apply to the chase itself and would apply to Dodging, Defending and Attacking if they were being done while moving.  Such as having to defend yourself from the critter's lashing tail while being chased by it through a narrow gorge.  (I know, oddly specific).

    Though, I can see the advantage of modifying the rolls for Attack, Dodge and Defense too.  The creature using it's greater speed for a quick strike or to snatch up it's prey in its tentacles.  Like trying to defend yourself from a cobra's strike.  Hmm... Probably best to err on the side of the PCs in this case. I feel it is best to handle this issue on a creature-by-creature basis and what sounds good in your story.
  • Thanks for the input. That's kind of what I was thinking. I mainly asked because it was hard to come up with very many scenarios where you'd have to make a relevant speed task for this other than "do you get away?" I guess we'll see if it comes up.
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