Quick question about the play example in core book

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On pg352, near the end of the page, Bruce shoots an arrow at the bandit and rolls a 10, which is declared a hit.

But on the previous page it says they are level 4 and therefore the target to beat them is 12. 

I don't see any mention of effort by Bruce so am I missing something?

The bandits also have armor 1, so how much damage should he have taken so far and would he be dead from this final blow? If his armor reduces damage by 1 then he's so far taken 8, so shouldn't a regular shot leave him with 1 remaining life?


  • You are correct, technically he would have 1 hit point left.  But, the GM doesn't say that the bandit was dead just that he fell to the ground clutching his wound.  In all honesty I feel that at one hit point, he could not continue the combat anyway.  I personally try to have my badguys start looking for a way to escape combat or actually make an escape once they get down to 1/2 hit points and not continue fighting at the 1/3rd or 1/4th mark because of pain and fatigue.  Unless they are being mind controlled or think they have a clear advantage.

    You are also correct that Bruce's shot should not have connected, I feel that the GM (or editors) allowed this either as an oversight or just to keep the combat session moving.  Or with the idea that the bandit could not have dodged it anyway having been distracted by the actions he already took during his initiative; his attack, the attack of opportunity (GM Intrusion) and the failed dodging of the fireball.  Not to mention the wound he already had taken in the first round.  Probably just an oversight though, GMs get exited too.  I myself have used excuses like these to fudge the numbers just to keep combat moving though.
  • Thanks. I have no problem fudging to keep things moving or to serve the story. I just wanted to make sure that's all that was going on and i wasn't missing something in the numbers.
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