Existing The Strange PBP looking for players

I've been running a The Strange game over on Myth-Weavers for about 3 months, and as usual for PBP's, players are ghosting out on me.  I am looking for 1-2 solid PBP players to supplement my game and keep it going.  I'd like to have a minimum number of posts per week of 3, to keep things moving.

This is not an Estate game, but rather the characters have discovered in game about translations and the different recursions.  Game initially started on Earth, but currently the characters are on Ardeyn, and about to explore Qephilim ruins (with inspiration from a certain Frog God).  Cast of characters are.
  • Graceful Vector who Looks for Trouble on Earth/Slays Dragons on Ardeyn
  • Brash Spinner who Works the System on Earth/Embraces Qephilim Ancestry on Ardeyn
  • Strange Paradox who Calculates the Incalculable on Earth/Casts Spells on Ardeyn
If interested, please post an application on myth-weavers.com.
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