Gallen or Shiul?


I've looked all around and can't find in any of the books except for Ninth World Beastry page 12 about Gallen or Shiul.  I am trying to find a picture or basic stats for them.  Any idea, stats, or other details for an adventure that I have planned needing large beast to pull some machinery the size of a house.  Or if another character would be good.




  • The basic stats for the Gallen are that it is Level 2 (Bestiary page 12). In Numenera terms, that's really all you need. Anything else, you can extrapolate or make up.
    Armour? Probably no. HP - base is 6 but it should probably be tougher so give it 8-10

    Reading the description; a Gallen is an (Earth) bovine (cow). Picture to yourself how big is your machine and then harness that many Gallen to it. I looked up some farming pictures from the 1920's and 6-8 Gallen seems a good number.
  • Well, I was hoping more for an image to show people and other details as to why it would be critical.  But I think using a Ferno Walker actually would work better for the story.  (and I can show the image to the players)
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