Question Regarding Healing Touch and Mental Link

I'm currently creating a savior class character and was hoping to get some more information regarding two abilities - Healing Touch and Mental Link:

1. Can Healing Touch be used to heal yourself? The text is somewhat vague on the matter, with the target being "a creature" instead of something more concrete, like "another creature" or "an ally." Given the increased difficulty for repeated use I don't see much of a balance issue with self healing, but I am hoping for some clarification on the matter.

2. Can Mental Link be used to convey communication-based effects to linked creatures? Abilities like Encouragement and Aggression, among others, are based on verbal communication. If the subject can effectively "hear" you in their head the same as they could though conventional speech, though, is that effectively the same? This, I believe, has more powerful implications than the prior question; the range of a mental link is infinite, the duration is one hour, and it would allow these benefits to be able to be transmitted silently and to separated party members.

Any assistance or insights people have regarding these questions would be greatly appreciated. I cannot currently offer the page numbers for these abilities, but will add them when I am able to.


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    1. Healing Touch certainly would seem to apply to yourself. The rules don't get as granular as other systems in that sense, and the balance would probably be just fine. There are plenty of cyphers and things out there to heal already, but it would mean the party (and your PC) have something to rely on. I think that for a GM to disallow self-healing with the power generally would be silly, and if a situation should prevent it, there's always intrusions!

    2. Mental Link seems like it would indeed allow the PC to communicate in their head, but the main difference is that it provides more than the conventional word, as the power specifies "thoughts and images". I actually have a Numenera game in play right now where one of the PCs has Mental Link and another has a short-range Telepathy without touch. They and the party often communicate silently to one another through these mental powers, but with the former, occasionally the duration has run out.
    And while powerful, for using it with other creatures, while pictures frequently will work, know that thoughts and language often become intertwined, and there are multiple challenges that the GM can introduce even with the mental connection: a lack of or multitude of minds, information overload, etc.
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