A few house rules I've been tinkering on.

I've been tinkering on some houserules to solve a few issues with my group. The first is hording XP for advancement over short term benefits. What I'm doing is intrusions now give cypher points. These are handed out 4 at a time (roughly 4 CP count as 1 XP, but I'm getting to that.) So when an intrusion happens the player gets 4 CP and can use the expenditure on the tables as usual. Now at the end of each session the player can exchange 4CP for 1XP up to their current Tier maximum. (tier 1 =1, tier 3=3). That's to prevent them from doing a mass-cash in and also to set a pace on bonus xp based on tier and use.

The next houserule is doubling the number of carried cyphers. As it stands the limited number seems to cause hording of cyphers. I have potential artifact cypher storage items (a medical bag for healing cyphers that degrades aka failure role each time you break it's seals, or one off storage cyphers that bottle up a cypher making it dormant until un-corked.) But, I'm wonder if adding to their 'you can carry X' number will make them more confident on dropping cyphers if they can have more in reserve. 



  • That's what the cypher malfunctions tables are for.  I started having the problem of my players hoarding their cyphers until the situation was ripe for their use.  So, I introduced the malfunctions and depletion rolls as a consequence of being hit or rolling 1s.  You will find that if cyphers and artifacts are more fragile than the players originally thought they will get rid of them or use them faster.  And open the game up to go in new directions as they deal with the fallout from the cypher malfunction. 

    My personal house rule ignores the Anoetic or Occultic state for cyphers.  The characters can carry their limit in cyphers regardless of the number of buttons and knobs it may have.

    I don't think using CP is going to change their habits with using their XP, it will just slow down how fast they accumulate before spending it.  The Mass-Cash-ins won't stop they will just take longer to get to.  For that, I would recommend a cinematic view.  Tell the players that whenever they use their XP for a short-term use (ie: a re-roll or an automatic success) they get to control/explain what happens for a short time.  My players don't re-roll very often but they love an automatic success.  And things have come out during the cinematic explanations that make their character and the others shine, and the game seem that much better for the session. 

    As for creating special storage cyphers, I'm going to steal that.  So much better than the Cypher Bag artifact.

    Essentially, I think you and they should probably discuss your concerns and how to fix the problems.  Then decide which way works for the group and the table. 

    Just my opinion, Happy Gaming! 

  • No, I love the feed back. Ya, the storage cypher/artifacts are as follows:

    Medibag Artifact - Able to sore up to it's rating in anoetic healing/stim cyphers, and not have it count against the players cypher maximum. Depletion: Each time the bag is unsealed roll a 1d20, on a 1 it fails the next time it's reopened. Rating: 1d6+2

    Cypher (Stasis Can) - An anoetic canister that can store up to it's rating in Anoetic cyphers. Both the Stasis Can and stored item don't count against the player total of active cyphers. However it takes a minute for the stasis effect to wear off once the can is unsealed. Rating: 1d6
  • The rule below is not mine but I have adapted to my PBP games.

    You can exceed your cypher cap by up to 2 cyphers. But, instead of only getting free GM interventions on rolls of 1, the GM gets free interventions on rolls of 1 + (amount exceed cap.) 
    Example: if you are a nano with cap of 3 and carried 5 cyphers (exceed by 2), anytime you rolled a 1, 2, or 3 , the GM would get a free GM Intervention. 

    The GM also rolls each morning on the Cypher Danger Table (core pg. 279) but each excess cypher will count as 15 points instead of 10 points.

  • What we did was allow players to spend XP on increasing their Cypher limit.
  • What we did was allow players to spend XP on increasing their Cypher limit.
    Please elaborate on what your system for this is? Just for others to get a feel for a good XP cost in case we want to implement this house rule. Thanks!

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