How to use Premonition - Magic Flavor ability?

Can you help me understand how to use this ability? Whether the players to make a roll here?
If "yes" do I have to assign difficulty for location or random fact usefulness.
If "no", how to prevent spaming with this ability, because with Int.Edge≥2 it's becoming free to use. Is there official solution for this, or i must decide how to limit this by myself?
Sorry for my english and thank you in advance.


  • For the most part I think you and the player will have to figure out how to limit this ability on your own.  I would suggest that if you must limit it, you limit the ability to one use per creature, per game session or per in-game day.  But if you do limit the ability like that, then the information the character can get should be worth the trouble.  Things like it likes to attack from the left, it has the *** ability or it's jaws have the crushing force of a hydraulic press.  Otherwise the player will see the points spent to gain or use the ability were not well spent.

    If you think it is worth your time, you could come up with a few facts about the creatures the character will face.  Things like what it prefers to eat, where it prefers to sleep or how it likes the food out of green trash cans over the silver ones. And when/if they have used the ability to learn all of those facts you simply tell the player "there is nothing else you can learn about this creature".

    You could limit the Premonition ability to only yes or no questions.  That would free you up from having to make stuff up before playing.

    If you think the ability needs a die roll, I personally think the difficulty would be the level of the creature/person/cypher in question.  And make the player choose to use their Edge either on the roll itself or on the ability use, not both.

    From reading the text though, I don't think it would require a roll to use the ability unless the player is trying to use it during combat when they should be concentrating on not dying.

    Your English is fine, there are plenty of native English speakers that can't, won't or just don't write as well as you did.  Besides, English is a difficult language to learn, we have a LOT of stupid pronunciations and word use rules.  

    Good Luck, and Happy Gaming!

  • Thank you very much for the advice! I will think with the players how to do it right than :)
    Happy Gaming too!
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