Grailstone II

Grailstone II – The Journey

                Judson and Harrylock are heading for Grailstone, to be present for the trial of Sonny Silver.

(GM: This is run using a card-based system I’ve developed to handle journeys. This is the first live test. I’m not going to go into great detail at this time.)

                The first few weeks of travel were fairly uneventful, other than they got lost in the hills a few times. They had a few rations and were able to supplement these by hunting; although they turned out to be not as good at this as they thought, however they did find several short cuts.

                One day, they came across a huge swathe of flattened trees and vegetation cutting across their path. Shortly afterwards they met with a party of hunters.

“Have you seen a Jiraskar pass by here? No? Then on with the hunt! Would you care to join us? No? Then farewell. May you never be iron-touched.”

                Storm clouds were brewing overhead; black cumulus boiling upwards. The storm broke; black jellyfish rained down, They burst with a sickening sound; the survivors clung to and crawled over exposed flesh; inserting feathery tentacles into eyes, noses and ears. Judson and Harrylock broke and ran; clawing at their skin as they did so; the jellyfish dropped off; leaving a black stain.

                Travelling through some light woodland and taking the opportunity to hunt for supplies, they came upon an overgrown building with a large entrance door. Guarding the door was a large humanoid figure with a transparent skin. Beneath the skin was crawling a veritable swarm of insect creatures. Judson tried to pass it; it moved to block his way every time he tried. Foolishly, he started to draw his verred; the Guardian emitted a massive electromagnetic pulse that hurt both Judson and Harrylock and nearly blew Harrylock backwards off his feet. They decided not to push the issue; shortly afterwards they found a squishy ball, about the size of a tennis ball. Judson threw it at Harrylock; to his surprise it vanished; to re-appear four seconds later; Harrylock just managed to catch it. They played some more with the ball; basically when thrown it reappeared four seconds into the future. It was playing with the ball as they walked along that caused Harrylock to bump into a tree. A small diamond-shaped object was dislodged from a branch; it started to pulse with internal flashes of light and floated behind Harrylock. When he held out his hand, it made a soft ‘peeping’ noise and landed on his finger. It floated off again and began to circle his head.

                By now, they were well into The Beyond. They had not run out of food, hunting was supplying enough for them to live on and the aneen foraged on its own. On one of the hunting trips they found a cave; inside was a small 2-wheeled cart and a cone-shaped device with some slider controls on the base. This turned out to be a portable campfire / heater. The following day, breasting a small rise, they saw an aldeia in the valley below. A series of stone houses lay in concentric circles around a large mushroom-shaped rock. A crowd of humans stood some distance away; as Judson and Harrylock watched there was a blaze of purple energy from the top of the mushroom and a rolling sound of thunder. The people started to collect metal canisters from the top of the rock. As Harrylock and Judson approached, they saw that the cans were full of food and drink, plus other items like items of clothing, sweets and utensils. The nearest person turned and smiled at them.

“Good morning. Welcome to Grailstone.”


GM: The card-driven journey system seems to work ok, I just need to tweak it a little to allow for pre-planned encounters.

Does anyone recognise where the idea for Grailstone comes from?



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