Interlude II - In Shallamas

Interlude – In Shallamas.

                Having returned to Shallamas almost before they left it and vowing never to mess with time travel again, the Wayfarers took some time out for R & R.

                (I have various off-time systems I use; this time I decided to try the Montage system by John SW Marvin (as used in The Sun Below.))

                Galadiir was now Tier 2 and they were all fully healed. They were all still staying at the Pub of Ubbub. One night, Judson drank too much Dagathir’s Breath and smashed up part of the tavern; fighting with several of the locals. Forewarned by an echo, the guards were quickly there and subdued Judson. He was hauled off to prison, to await trial.

                The Wayfarers tried to raise the money to bail Judson out of jail. Eventually they went to a loan shark and Sonny raised the money by promising Galadiir’s Detonation (Singularity) cypher as collateral. Galadiir was not happy with this arrangement and refused to part with the cypher. They were able to raise the money by doing some illegal enforcement jobs for the Whispering Wind; a criminal gang operating in Shallamas. Somehow, they are protected from the echos that haunt the city. They paid off Judson’s bail and he was released.

                Returning to the Pub of Ubbub, Sonny’s way was blocked by a man in ornate dress. He tried to pass but knocked the man into the gutter. The man rose, covered in effluent and obviously not happy.

“I am Prelis Provani, first cousin to the governor of the city and you sir, have insulted me.” He removed a glove and slapped Sonny across the face with it.

“We shall meet at dawn, on the Field of Khas; and we shall fight our duel. Be assured, I will win, and that’s the echo’s truth. We shall fight with duelling beamers”*

                Using their contacts with the Whispering Wind, Galadiir obtained a faulty power pack for a duelling beamer. The following morning, just before dawn, they met on the Field of Khas, near to the strange conical hills outside the city. A stealthy piece of subterfuge involving the use of some Hedge Magic from Galadiir as a distraction meant they were able to substitute the faulty power pack in Provani’s beamer. The duelling square was marked out and the duel began; Provani’s beamer worked, although at a lower power and Sonny took a minor wound. Sonny’s return shot hit full on and Provani was injured. With honour satisfied (both had given a blow and taken a blow), the duel was over.


                They returned to the Pub and packed up their gear and left. They headed west, towards Bodrov and the Westwood.



* This implies that Provani has already seen the outcome of the duel. Hence their subsequent actions.

                Everyone liked the Montage system and we’ll use it again for off-time. I didn’t award any cyphers this time, but I’ll bear it in mind for next time.  I awarded them 1 xp for the narrative.

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