• edited May 2016
    For the sanity of the community, here's what we've done:
    • All spam should be gone (again)
    • We've blacklisted a number of email domains that are the source of many bulk registrations
    • We've updated the forum core software, along with several plugins
    • We've added another layer of protection in the registration process
    • We've added a tool to help deal with spammers in bulk better if they do come through.
    We may still get some spam from accounts that bots have already made in the system. I can't get rid of them all, because some are using things like Yahoo and Gmail accounts, so I can't blacklist those. The registration change should keep future ones out, but won't stop "sleepers." I'll try to catch them as they pop up.

    Let me know if you're having any trouble with the site after these updates. Also, please feel free to message me directly on Twitter @TheNinthWorld if you see a lot of spam coming through and nothing being done about it.
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