Fantasy Grounds Support

I'm hoping to get a lot of positive feedback from our community regarding the cypher system. This is one of the best systems I've ever come across from a GM's perspective and I would like to see Monte Cook Games support fantasy grounds.
Apparently, they had a bad experience with one of their other systems on fantasy grounds. They are now supporting roll20.
I am an ultimate license holder and have invested a ton of money into this AWESOME program.
If enough of us show support for the Cypher System, maybe we can get MCG to give fantasy grounds another shot! If you're not familiar with the system, I'd be willing to do some one shot adventures for you all- as long as my wife approved of the date and time, that is!
Please, show your support so we can get another great system on this software we all love so much! Thank you so much!

Mike G.


  • Please help me spread the word! Tell anyone you think would be interested. Send them here to put in their two cents! You can run ANYTHING with this Fantasy Grounds. Mech, sci-fi, fantasy, steam punk, horror, etc. It's such a versatile software, made specifically to help make game prep easier. This would be perfect for this RPG that's designed to do the same! Let's bring this system to Fantasy Grounds and share the love with all of our groups!
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