Cypher system Player Guide?

One of the things I loved about Numenera and The Strange was the players guide. A smaller book with little or no setting information or GM stuff. Any idea if The Cypher System will get a players guide?


  • I think they will not, since a lot of the material for the Cypher System changes depending on the genre that you are playing. We'll get stuff like the new settings books, Predation, Gods of the Fall and Unmasked, Technically settings but with all the information needed for that particular genre like a players guide.
  • Yes but a book of just the base rules with no setting stuff would be great. Otherwise, the players need the full book with all the GM, creatures and setting material. It would help to keep that out of the players hands. I like that....
  • I did this when I bought Numenera, I too wanted a Players handbook for it so I made my own. Since I bought the PDF, I just printed a copy for myself, I just didn't print out the stuff that didn't pertain to the player. I later printed a full copy for me since I was going to GM, and if a need to reference the other bits came up. But I took it upon myself to do it, since the actual Players Handbook had not been released yet or I hadn't found it yet (I can't remember which). Thankfully, I work in a place that doesn't keep great track of the office supplies. Doing this, printing it yourself, you don't really violate any of the copyright laws since you are not trying to sell the resulting book or claiming that it is your work. The upside is you also won't feel the least bit guilty for marking the heck out of the pages with a highlighter or writing in the margins or thumbing through it with ice cream on your fingers because you can always just re-print those pages.
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