Starting with exorbitant weapons and armor?

When a type, descriptor, or focus allows you to start with "a weapon of your choice" or "armor of your choice," how expensive can it be? Can it be a very expensive weapon or armor? Perhaps even exorbitant?


  • Possibly but not preferably. If the PC enjoys wielding an exorbitant weapon you can use that as material for your campaing. The PC will develop a far deeper bond if you give it awesome background story and use it as an incentive e.g. the chars uncle is a mysterious weaponsmith but is abducted by bandits. Session done. Or the PCs have to search for the most durable material in some strange mind. Point beeing your player will have a far deeper sense of reward if you make him work for it.
  • Depending on the length of the planned adventure/campaign they could do some real good with a exorbitant weapon or be completely OP. If the player is bent on having this particular weapon (following on Joe's post) give them a crap version with a interesting background. That way they have the weapon and you have hooks for later. Throughout the adventure you allow the character to work on the weapon to make it better, upgrading it. Not very different from D&D's magical weapons that you could make better as the characters used them, gaining powers and better attack or damage numbers using XP.

    "This was my Great Uncle's service pistol, he was apart of the Normandy invasion during WWII. Yep, I'm told that he killed a bunch of Nazis with this... I'm not exactly sure how though, the sights are off, and the drum here keeps sticking after 3 shots. But I think that with a little love, and a LOT of oil I could fix that. Hmm... what is this, Can you see this? Any idea what that symbol on the grip is? I wonder what it means..."
    Heavy Revolver, 6 Shots (3 to start with, before he has to unjam it), starts at 4dmg, like any other pistol. But as it is a historic/family heirloom weapon, it is more expensive than any other revolver he could purchase, with a history that says that it has the potential to be a lot better than it's current condition. After some work, say a week or so, in game he can relieve the constant jamming. After another week or so he can straighten the sights (give him a lower difficulty on attacks), And so on, and so on until he gets up to the scores you think it should stay at and the player is happy with.

    The downside to all this is then almost EVERY player will want to be able to do the same to their weapons, and they will be confused as to why they can't or they will be on the lookout for any weapon that you give an interesting description too, thinking that they'll have something special.
  • Somewhere in the CR is a suggested spend limit for starting armour / weapons (not coming out of starting funds, but just guidelines for the 'free' starting gear.) ATM I can't find it!
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