Has the Moderator left the building?

I noticed that the moderator's account doesn't show any obvious activity since October. I'm pretty sure I've reported spam and had it removed more recently than that, but still... Following a couple of links told me for whom I was looking, and I'm pretty sure I've seen that name active on Google+ or Reddit. Has he given up on his own site? That would be a bummer.

Tonight, I've reported a ton of spam posts, some of them graphic pornography. A few of them, less graphic but still porn, have been up since early March. I'd not be surprised if I submitted as many as 50 posts, maybe more. The site seems completely overrun by spammers. Clearly, it's far too easy to create bogus accounts.

The spam activity exceeds the legitimate activity by a factor of 10, it would seem. I'm not sure if anyone else stops by often enough to care or even see this post in a timely manner. I'm curious, I guess, to see whether anyone else is home, so to speak, and whether anyone else reports these jackass spammers.


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