Driver based Foci?

Is there, somewhere, in a Cypher book a Foci for piloting a vehicle other than a starship? I like the idea of being some hotshot pilot with a flying car armed with twin machines cannons (or very least a vehicle with spherical tires) who not only can provide the party with transportation but can offer heavy weapon support.


  • I found one! The Strange Revelations: Ten Instant Adventures book has the Foci of "Drives Like A Maniac" that is for driving other vehicles (mostly cars) You have to ignore the Tier 2 ability Survivor that allows you to find water and food but it works! It was made for the Mad Max like recursion called the cannibal wastes but like everything in The Strange and Numenera it's still Cypher System I would exchange Survivor with a skill ability flavor and be done with it. Enjoy Mifunezerothirteen!
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