Cypher usage : identifying and using ; which DC to use ?

* Is identifying a low-level (2) Cypher easier then a high-level (7) ? Or both same ? (Just DC 1 or DC 2)

* When using a Cypher like "ray - emitter" from level 8, do you use the level 8 (so 8x3 = 24) on [Intellect] for using it to hurt a monster, or do you just roll against the DC from the monster?


  • When Identifying the Cypher you use the cypher level as the DC.
    When using an already identified cypher to cause harm you use the monster's level as the DC.
    If the player is attempting to harm a creature with an unidentified cypher, use the Cypher's level for the DC. a failure could open up the chance of a GM Intrusion, hitting themselves, or one of their friends causing the cypher to malfunction, etc. Unless they are just using the cypher as a blunt object to hit the creature with or throwing it at the creature, then it's the monster's level as the DC.
  • I think it is still Diff 1 or 2 to identify. Not realted to the level of the cypher.
    Double check Page 280 in core book under finding and identifying cyphers
  • I checked. That is indeed what the text says.

    "The GM sets the difficulty of the task, but it is usually a 1 or a 2. Thus, even the smallest amount of knowledge means that cypher identification is automatic."

    Using the cyphers though, I am still right. If it has already been identified, the use of it is automatic. So if you are attempting to harm of affect a creature with the already identified cypher you would use the creature's level as the DC.

    Using an unidentified cypher, you use the cypher level as the DC. This gives you as the GM the chance to allow partial successes or failures if you choose. Either way the character will not know what the effect will be until it is used.

    I feel the important word here is "usually" when it comes to identification. That doesn't mean that it has to always be a 1 or a 2. Where is the fun in that? Maybe a 1 or a 2 if it the second or third time that the character has encountered that type of cypher, to show that they are familiar with that kind of technology. In respect to Mithrindir, this is how I run it in my game.
  • "... it is usually a 1 or a 2" Is the listed rule, however a common house rule is that the level of the Cypher is used to determine it's identity. It seems to make more sense that way. Remember that many times Cypher that are "found" are bits of device/creature/relic that are tinkered with to see if they can create an effect. That tinkering IS the discovery and Identification. ("Hey Tobert, after spending some time with this beeping thingamajig we got out of the gullet of that bladderhemoth we killed, I think I can get it to emit a sonic pulse that might stun everyone in a certain range. Think we can use that?)
  • I thought the scavenging was "the tinkering" I do feel sometimes it would be tough to know what certain pills do.
  • Nah, I'd say it's very much a simple (yet far more sophisticated) testing procedure like the police do with drugs these takes. A minute sc scraping places in a testing source of some kind and a minute or three later and your have the various compounds identified with the approximate effects.
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