Google Drive and Organization

I have recently started my Numenera campaign. I am running 3 players ( My wife and our 2 friends ) I have ran one session with the three of them introducing them to the world and their starting area. I have run each of them solo one time ( all though my time line is off is I need to run on a little more lol )

I found using Google Drive is a wonderful tool for Organization. I own the PDF's of the Books and 2 Hard bound ( Numenera Core and now Cypher Core )

In the Google Drive I have a GM Folder and Player folder and many sub folders ( The world, NPCs, Character, Locations, Plots, and so on)

It is very easy for me to copy and paste into my google drive partial sections of descriptive text.
I can share the documents or print them out as needed.

Advantage of Google drive to me is I can access if from anywhere, Including my Phone.
So if I am anywhere and something sparks and Idea. I can add it right in.

I have a page, with illustrations, on exotic looking Plants and Animals that I am dropping into the Ninth World as commonplace for food.

When We play I have my Tablet handy to pull up information and Pictures.

Anyone use something like this
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