I found out about this game back in Kickstarter time, but lost track due to, well having to be a "responsible adult". Well just recently got the main book and instantly fell in love with all of it, the setting, the system, the ideas in creates. All of it.
As I read the book, more and more, I began getting ideas of how I would reveal the world to my players (big on concept art handouts) and I saw that I see this world much like the game Destiny is shown in it's concept art. The game almost has the perfect feel look wise, for a science fantasy game.
Now with that being said, I was wondering if some of the DM/GMs could pass along some advice to me. My group is almost completely D&D/Pathfinder players. What would be some good ideas to help them see things more along the lines of science fantasy rather then just fantasy? I have some ideas already I play on using, mainly from the Dark War books, but from your experiences, what would help? Oh and anything I should look out for that would cause, or have been probs you have all faced would also be great.
Thanks for your time, and cannot wait to post, and read more once we start gaming.


  • A few of my players who started Strange cut their teeth on D&D as well, you might do well to start them with something from Ardeyn, ease them into the system with a familiar fantasy adventure. Curious Case of Thomas Mallard is a good place to start, just remember to be a little more forgiving with the combats, unless all the players are vectors, they're not necessarily built for combat.
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