Does far step require a roll to succeed?

I've just started a new group, all of us new to numenera. One of my players has a char with far step. No roll is mentioned in the description, and I'm wondering if there should be a roll for this action. It has been used as a get out of jail 'relatively free' card, including while the character is in melee.

I'm thinking that I should be assigning difficulties to this action every time it is used. In some cases it could well be a simple/casual action not requiring a roll, but in other times far step could be difficult to accomplish.


  • I have a player that took Far Step as well. I have him roll for his end point, especially if the PC was doing something else at the time. Failing the roll, which I made a speed roll, determines whether or not something is in the way where he is going or landing: a wall, rock out-cropping, more enemies, has any kind of control of his speed, etc. Maybe not in the rules but WAY funnier for me and it made him start using Far Step with more discretion.
  • I think that makes sense. I'll discuss this with the player and work out the type of roll (speed or intellect), and set his expectations.
  • I have them roll in stressfull situations. It's one thing to teleport accurately while strolling around and another while beeing harrassed by multiple enemies. For me in combat everything matters, every roll can fail and change the flow of action, but while exploring rolling for everything would just slow down the whole session.
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