One of my players wants to work towards becoming a Technolich and attack people from the rafters, because apparently that's what technoliches do. My questions are as follows:

1) What is a Technolich? What kind of image does this invoke in your mind? Is it like a normal lich but mechanical or is it something entirely different? 

2) What sort of powers would it have?

3) How would one go about becoming a technolich? Is it a gradual change or a sudden one? I'm assuming it will involve the expenditure of XP

I know  these don't exist, I just wanted to get people's creative ideas.


  • 1.Well, the origin of the word lich is corpse, so maybe he wants you to kill his character with technology?

    2. Decomposing

    3. It can be quite sudden.
  • LOL @ Symdoc.

    that's a rather unique character concept.

    1) Are you familiar with the Necrons in Warhammer 40k?  If not, they're basically that universe's version of the undead; effectively an entire race of aliens in order to gain more power transferred their life force into a "living metal" of sorts, but most of them were trapped in the encasements and lost any real sense of conciousness; thus their soldiers are like walking zombies or skeleton hordes, relentless but no intelligence, and their leaders are like cyborg liches.  THey can't reproduce adn they can't die, and the metal itself regenerates all the time.

    So if he wants to be a technolich, I would first define what a lich is; typically a highly knowledgable sorcerer who decides he doesn't want to die and uses magic to make himself immune to death, usually at the cost of their organic body.  They differ from someone who is immortal as they lack empathy, and are willing to pay nearly any price for power, thus their emmaciated forms for their immortality.  Most games have a lich transfer their soul into a philactery of some sort so any body damage they take doesn't affect them directly.  So i guess I would say he's using some sort of technology to replace more and more of his body, ideally looking for things to replace his potential fail points such as internal organs with things that are repairable or regeneratable.  Likely over time more and more of his body is replaced with artifacts.

    In game terms, if you go that route perhaps the Fuses Flesh with Steel Focus, and possibly a nano because nanos are the best versed in Numenera, and perhaps Learned because he would need to study quite a bit to find the right technology to grant him immortality.  But thats' my thought, a focus on gaining power and immortality through replacement of the body parts with inorganic (dead) components, as opposed to prolonging or repairing their existing body parts through some sort of regeneration.

    2)  He'd have to be tough to kill, which Fuses Flesh with steel certainly is that.  Likely able to repair himself too.  A lich in most games doesn't have to be a mage, they just have to have access to high magic to transform them; a Death Knight is also a lich, just a fighter version instead of a mage.  So really he could have any powers he wanted, but the focus again would be anything that's tough to kill and easily repairable.

    3)  I would think it's gradual.  It's up to you if he needs to spend XP; there are several roleplaying story benefits that you can spend XP on so it's up to you as a GM to decide if he needs to spend XP to enhance his body in a particular way.  But there is nothing in the world or in lore that we know of that allows for a sudden change into a technolich, so it's either a gradual change over time, or he somehow finds some sort of laboratory or device or something that allows him to transfer his conciousness into some sort of automaton body.

    I would also ask him where his character has even heard of the concept of a technolich.  No such thing exists, so how would his character know about it to desire to become one?  Perhaps he read a book about it somewhere, or perhaps there was something that called itself a technolich that attacked his home village; in his family's powerlessness to stop it he gained a burning desire to never be that powerless again, and desired to gain the same powers as the technolich he encountered was teh most powerful thing he's ever seen.  let him come up with the details as to where his character had heard of it, and you can then feed those details back into the plotline which will invest him all the more into the game.
  • Obviously one becomes a technolich by gradually replacing each neuron in the brain with networked nano machines.

    Then you hide in the rafters.
  • Personally, I would go with a ____ nano who Fuses Flesh and Steel, for starters. Over time, you can allow him to spend 3 XP for story bonuses like, say, a built-in rebreather which allows him to survive environments without oxygen. Or maybe he has engineered photosynthetic cells, so he doesn't have to eat. Hell, you could even say that he has a backup coded to the Dataweb and keyed to a specific object which will restore him should he die. Granted, I would make that much more than 3 XP.
  • I personally like the idea of a technolich, and yes fuses Flesh with steel is a great way of simulating that. One of the key parts to being a lich is the immortality part and being able to return from the dead so, I would agree with the Necron part. Also a his phalactery could simply be an artifact that keep a copy of his memory, his "soul" could simply be a backup. Depending on how dead he wants to be I would recommend starting him up a bit higher level and giving him powers to simulate his "undeath" but counter act it via some social problems (He's a walking corpse that looks like an Iron Maiden album cover, there's gonna be reactions in town.)

    I've had a player who wanted to play an android character and I gave it my okay. All I ended up doing is using repair instead of healing checks to bind wounds and say that she doesn't need to breath so an immunity to gas attacks, which I counteracted with a vulnerability to electricity. Everything else was exactly the same.
  • Hmmm. Well, a lich is a magician who achieves immortality by binding his soul to an animated corpse (or portion thereof). Perhaps a technolich is a technologist (nano) who binds his to a machine...or becomes a machine through part replacement, sort of a reverse Bicentennial Man. Just a thought.


    (edit) For some reason it appeared that there were no other responses when I posted this one. How odd. Yeah, I think the Fuses Flesh with Steel is the perfect thing for this.
  • Introduce an enemy who's a technolich cyborg. They kill him...and he comes back. Somewhere, he has a hidden base that reconstructs his body and implants a copy of his mind, and then he comes after them again.

    Make it fairly far away so there's some time between attacks.

    Then when the PC's discover the base, this PC will have the option to try to take it over.  Operating the machine and getting a decent mind copy uploaded is probably a very difficult task.
  • Why not introduce a corrupting cyborg implement, a chip or a bionic arm that slowly takes over the players living cells replacing them with machinery. 
  • I'd say make it an Intelligent Nano who Fuses Flesh with Steel, flavor it as a man kept alive by machines, and leave it at that. You don't NEED to give it EXTRA powers, just reflavor stuff to fit what he wants. That's the beauty of a narrative based game.
  • To others, the beauty of a narrative based game is that because system mastery isn't really a thing, you can easily change the rules of something to more accurately fit your character concept without worrying about it throwing off the game.

    Thomas Cooney said:
    I'd say make it an Intelligent Nano who Fuses Flesh with Steel, flavor it as a man kept alive by machines, and leave it at that. You don't NEED to give it EXTRA powers, just reflavor stuff to fit what he wants. That's the beauty of a narrative based game.

  • an undead nano that talks with machines.
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