Cursing in the 9th World

Something that is important to me when running NPCs is dialect - not trying to do characters with different accents (I always just sound like dick van dyke, no matter what accent I am going for!), but the language itself.  I feel like Monte and Shanna allude to this in the core book when they talk about the value of having the 9th world exist in the future, so that concepts and phrases that would be anachronous in traditional medieval fantasy settings can be perfectly legitimate in Numenera.  So I try and work out different phrases, manners of speech, etc. to flavor different regions and characters.

One of the things that I always run up against is meaningful expletives that don't a) sound cheesy or b) don't just replicate what we say today.  Usually it is easier to just use modern curse words, but I find that these still throw people out of the 'in game' feeling.  Sometimes that's ok, but I want to be able to sound like an angry, pissed off 9th worlder if I need to!

To that end, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions / ideas?  Religious stuff works well - I can usually get away with variations on things like "Ancient Gods of Space and Time, what are you doing in my bedroom?" or "By the Burning Eye, I'll cut you where you stand!"  But I like variety.

Anyone got any profane love for me?


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