Alternative XP rerolls

I have a question for more experienced players regarding XP rerolls. We're new to the system and I'd like to encourage players to spend XP on rerolls instead of hoarding it. I'm partial to their line of reasoning: "Why should I risk my XP point if there is quite a big chance that I'll fail anyway"?
That's why I'm thinking about upgrading XP rerolls - for example, instead of rolling another d20, roll d10+ tier level? Or even add another d20? That way it really shows that's your experience "speaking" and still, if you're really unlucky, can fail the roll.
Has anyone had similar ideas? Please share!


  • I don't think you should be pushing them to spend XP on rerolls. Especially not on rerolls that probably will fail. If the players are spending effort, using skills and employing assets, and they are still facing impossible odds, then you may want to consider adjusting the difficulties.
  • Really the XP reroll rule exists so that if the dice misbehave an otherwise reasonable roll has a second shot. (Ask me how many 1s I've rolled on important Level 3 rolls. Go on. Ask.) Players should hoard their XP so that they can spend it on improving their characters' abilities. That's why it's called XP.
  • I've never had a problem with players either hoarding XP or spending on re-rolls. It boils down to their choice - either they get a one-off advantage (re-roll) or potentially longer term benefits (advancing to next Tier etc.) Myself, I would possibly use them on the low range (Level 1-4) rolls, but if they really want to re-roll that Level 6 roll then let them. Usually they use them if they roll a '1'
  • There was much grief in my group about the dual nature of XP points (that you can spend them during play or to develop), so finally I've introduced a house rule: there are no XP points anymore. Instead, from time to time I tell players that they can buy one character development (equivalent of 4xp). This way I am able to control the speed they're levelling up.
    During play they gain points (formely known as XPs ;)) for intrusions. These can be spent for re-rolls, modyfing reality (2p) and long-term gains (3p)
    And suddenly, the players are more willing to contribute 2p to alter reality, and I love when it happens.

    Disclaimer: Personally, I was ok with the original rules.
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    We are in the same position as Skies group and I have voiced my concerns in another threat, so I´m going to keep it short. It boils down to the same in our group because we don´t see the need for rerolls. I´ve thought about a system (which I haven´t tested yet) in which the PCs can trade XP for save resting, ressurections and easing other survival options. That campain is very survival-oriented obiviously but maybe I just have to create a bigger motivation for my PCs to spent their XP differently.
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