New group, some questions!

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Hi my group will be soon starting a campaign in Numenera and we're all very excited! It's amazing how even reluctant players at some point during character creation say: "Wow this way of creating characters is awesome!".
Anyway I have a few questions, just to clarify things since the book is vast and full of information.
1) One players has a noble jack who leads, also trained in persuasion. Does all her abilities regarding persuaidng and interacting stack? She has training in persuasion, second training in all interaction skills from the descriptor, plus etiquette and interactions with nobles. So is persuading a noble -3 diff. level?
- She also starts with level 2 servant (from noble). Can she later on spend 3xp for long term benefits to "level him up" to lvl3?
- In combat, can the servant use "help" action to defend her thus granting her -1 level to defense roll? What if the servant attacks another npc, who rolls to hit etc? I says that he deals 2 pts of damage, can she equip him with a heavy weapon (for example), or dress in armour etc? Does this affect the level? She starts with a lot of money and there are not many things she can spend it on now, so she wanted to equip the servant.
2) Are there any alternative character sheets, or excel spreadsheets to keep the characters organized? My google-fu fails.
3)(edit) How does Employs Magnetism tier 1 power work? As an action I create the magnetic force, can use it immediately? How long does it last? How exactly does it work? For example I want to take a sword from an opponents grip. He's level 2. I spend the force's might pool (with effort etc) and roll against diff 2? Can I use it on several swords at once? If I disarm the npc, and he's still lvl2, how much damage does he deal?
Thanks for your help!


  • How you handle these situations really depends on the campaign you're running and what you want to let your players do, but I'll tell you how I would handle this based on my understanding.

    1) I would say the persuasion and interaction skills stack, making the character specialized in persuasion (or whatever you call the skill). The interactions with nobles sounds like a subset of the same skill, and there is no higher rank than specialized so the character is already maxed out. I would maybe give an asset of +1 with nobles, but not -3 diff. level.
    -The follower from the Leads focus levels with the player at different tiers. I would suggest doing the same with the servant.
    -I would allow the help to defence. With respect to the servant attacking, if his/her level is less than the target the attack fails. No need to roll. For the equipment, I don't see anything wrong with her equipping the servant, but I doubt she/he is trained in the use of it. I would say that at each level the servant can be trained in one step up of either armour or weapons. That will allow a gradual increase that won't break the game. Keep in mind, a servant is meant to mend clothes and prepare meals. He/she is not a mercenary.
    2) I use handwritten notes during games, and Evernote in between. You can tag or use notebooks for organization, but I recommend trying a bunch of things to see what works best for you.
    3) I had a player with Employs Magnetism. I would let him turn it on one round and use it the next, though I think now I would let him use it once the same round. For disarming, the difficulty should be level 2 against the force's might. Since Tier 1 says there is no fine control, I would understand that as only one sword at a time. If disarmed, the NPC should deal unarmed damage, which is a light weapon and 2 damage.

    Hope this helps.
  • By the RAW, unless you're specifically tinkering with that NPC, they would deal 2 damage (= Level) no matter what they were armed with
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