A Session I Could Not Believe!

I recently had what can only be described as 'at once the worst and best session I have ever had in all my roleplaying' and I feel the need to share the experience.

Basically we've been playing through the introduction scenario in the back of the main rulebook, 'The Curious Case of Tom Mallard'.

If you have not played this scenario and are planning to, do not read further as I do reveal some details (although not much).

We had ended the previous session just at the entrance to the Qephilim Ruins, the PCs were accompanied by Ramis who was helping them track down Mr. Mallard.

My PCs ventured in and encountered the 'fog room' and discussed what they would do.

What they decided was, since they could not see more than a few feet in front into the fog, was to tie a rope between them all (5 PCs in total) and venture in.

Now, for those who know this particular room, you'll know there are two exits, one directly opposite the entrance and one on the wall to the right. My PCs turned left and followed around the wall...

Although they did well at first, succeeding in the test against the fog, they quickly started to succumb to it, and panic started to set in as they realised the fog put them to sleep and they were all tied together.

It was not long before all 5 of them had succumbed to it... I hadn't even used a single GM intrusion yet!

At this point we were all laughing like mad due to how the failed dice rolls had all happened so quickly, I had basically achieved a TPK through no effort at all. Although we decided to call it a TPS (Total Party Sleepover).

At this point my options were, either let them all die and have them deal with arriving in the Night Vault, or give them a lifeline. I chose the latter, since I was feeling generous.

Although there was nothing in the scenario about allowing characters were wake up from the fog by themselves I gave them all a chance to attempt it. (perhaps you think I was too kind, what happens next proves otherwise)

Only one of them succeeded.

So now we were in almost the same situation, this PC attempted to wake up the others and succeeded in awaking one, who proceeded to tear some cloth from their clothes to make a mask to try and filter the fog out. I granted that as an asset towards the test and 1XP to that player for good thinking. (about the only XP I did award)

She then failed the test and fell asleep, again...

The one remaining player decided to use his 'Strange Lore' to discern if this effect had something to do with The Strange, since the item was from another Recursion I allowed him to discover that something was there and the direction he needed to go to find it.

Upon finding this object he made no attempt to examine it (since they were basically in dire straits) he simply kicked it over and smashed it.

This let the fog disappear, but that then awoke the Hydra, who was not happy (as per the description in the book).

Initially my PCs were attempting to negotiate with it, although they didn't get very far since one of them started making head-joke (such as 'I know you were put to sleep, but its nothing to lose your head over'), I asked him if he was saying these IC and he told me he was. The term 'face-palm' sprung to mind.

This obviously got the hydra's attention and it attacked this particular player, who is a Paradox so not a combat-wombat by any stretch. What happened next was basically even more repeated failed rolls by all the characters attempting to fight the Hydra.

To cut the combat short, the Spinner of the group managed to distract the Hydra so the other PCs could get away and they eventually got out to the exit of the ruins, with the hydra hot on their heels.

They climbed back out of the ruins (using a rope they had previously tied to a part of the ruins up top), but the hydra was slowly following them.

What was decided was that they would try to block the entrance to these ruins so the hydra couldn't follow, they did this by damaging the entrance enough to bring it down. Again, I was kind and allowed this to happen.

At this point we ended the session, I allowed players who still had their 1-Action recovery roll to make it, but any others had to wait until the next session.

They did not find Tom Mallard, nor did they discover what was really going on, so whatever he was doing he had succeeded at. They will also need to report back to the Estate about this.

But first they have to deal with the fact that they were seen by the locals of the city of Shalmarn, destroying one of their shrines.

I honestly did not expect them to fail this badly...


  • Hey don't look at me, I Tried to be the good guy... And technically we tried to imprison the hydra before we decided to blow it up....,this is seriously gonna come back and bite us in the ass isn't it :S
  • My players devastated the Hydra before it got a chance to act (Brash Vector who Abides in Stone did the heavy lifting) Had a bit of trouble with the Sark on the bridge, but one died in the final chamber. Hilariously though, when Tokmal picked up the Gospal and threw down the portal sphere to escape, our paradox locked him up with exception to keep him from escaping and being the closest "intruder" to the golems....well, it wasn't a pretty end.
  • When we did finish up, I was very kind to the group and allowed them back into the ruins, after just managing the kill the hydra they went to take on the Sark over the bridge.

    It was a TPK...

    I think I only used about 3 intrusions throughout the entire thing...
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