Artificially Intelligent with Regenerates Tissue focus -- overpowered?

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Been thinking about the Artificially Intelligent descriptor and the Regenerate Tissue focus from The Strange.

I would expect that the focus' regeneration powers can be used to heal/repair the character, bypassing the descriptor's inability not to heal naturally.

Do you think this is a valid reasoning? Would this combo be overpowered? Would you allow this in your game?


  • I don't think the combo would be overpowered, however it also wouldn't work. Artificially intelligent requires you to heal all wounds besides Intellect wounds by repairing, not because it needs a huge weakness but because you are made of metal. Regenerates tissue wouldn't work because it's not tissue that needs repair. The focus isn't "Regenerates whatever you feel like."

    That being said your GM can allow whatever he likes, it just doesn't make sense story-wise and given the nature of Cypher system games being story driven it would it would be illogical to say regenerating tissue somehow creates metal instead.
  • The word "illogical" and Numenera don't match. :) You can easily explain a self-repairing robot by mentioning nano-repairbots crawling over the robot's "skin", or some temporal manipulation tech that resets to a former state without all the damage. Just to name a few.

    Also you could do some copy-paste from the "Regenerates tissue" focus and call it "Repairs itself". It's all fluff, to be used as you like.

    So, the original question remains: Would that be overpowered? How would YOU write up a descriptor and/or focus when you want to play a self-repairing sentient robot?
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    I wouldn't allow it myself. Regenerates tissue comes from The Strange, and AI from Numenera. Numenera is designed for stuff like Foci and Descriptor to be permanent whereas the Strange is not. So while in the Strange you you have limited access to that Foci unless the whole campaign happened on Ruk, in Numenera it would be permanent and possibly too strong.

    My stance would be I may allow it in The Strange but I would never allow it in Numenera.

    For 1 thing the tier 2 ability would have no effect with the AI descriptor.

    Tier 3 doesn't make sense as cutting off metal and putting it on a non metal organism is not going to induce tissue regeneration and their body would not be suited like yours is to being taken over by metal instead of skin.

    Tier 4 also doesn't make much sense outside of I guess the metal gets harder...

    And while you are right that illogical happens a lot in Numenera and The Strange, it is still important that the world feels cohesive and can be followed by the players. Otherwise players can never make logical decisions on anything because there is no logic to how things work...The Weird is supposed to be pervasive in Numenera but not Omnipresent

    Either the Foci regenerates metal OR it regenerates Tissue. If you go with tissue it has no effect on AI people and if it regenerates Metal then it has no effect on allies
  • I personally think it is a very cool concept. I got an urge to try it for myself ... If I could :)

    I am the GM of my group and I don't think it would be overpowered but fun to play. I think the works miracles focus brings more healing that this one anyhow, so I would not worry much.

    Regarding if it makes sense to use it for artificial creatures, I think it totally does. I would even argue that the last tire power makes more sense in an artificial creature than in an organic one.

    Thank you for sharing this idea! You made my afternoon with this cool concept!
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