High-quality images of the character sheet

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The pdf's of Numenera's original character sheet are pretty low resolution, which is disappointing given that while the sheet looks gorgeous, it's a bit hard to read at first, and the low quality doesn't make that easier. I've understood from the messages here that the character sheet page previously had high-quality images which could be printed instead, but these were apparently removed in a site update.

I'm not sure if they were removed on purpose to incentivise buying the pre-printed sheets. It would be understandable in a way, because as said, their design is very neat and clearly had a lot of work put into it. But on the other hand, restricting a functional printable character sheet would also differ a lot of the usual conventions, so it might've been done by accident.

I hope it's alright to post these here, I had to spend several hours before I found copies.


(They might also be already linked somewhere on these forums and I just missed them, sorry if that's the case)
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