Numenera or Cypher ?

Hello everyone, I'm considering moving into Numenera/Cypher, but I have a question for you guys - which book should I buy, Numenera or Cypher System? I do understand that the latter contains expanded ruleset and options for a wide variety of games/campaigns, while the former is a more traditional game system (set in a world etc.)

I love the Numenera world (actually more than the game system), but I would hate to buy a book with a slightly outdated rules system (I mean if it is?). Also, the Ninth World gets a more detailed description in Player's Handbook (I think)...
But, to repeat, my main concern is buying a 2-year old game system that since publishing has been refined and upgraded, rules explained better etc. and I'd end up having to buy another book as well...

On the other hand, perhaps the Numenera book has their character classes etc. already adjusted to the reality of the game world and actually creating characters with Cypher System book and then working to fit them into the Ninth World is too much work?


  • If you want to run Numenera in the Ninth World, then buy Numenera. The rules are so streamlined and easy to run that there has been little refining. The Numenera Core Rules give you everything you need.
  • The rules in the Cypher System book are a little more flexible, since they are trying to be applicable to every possible setting. The rules in the Numenera book are tuned to the Numenera setting. They aren't outdated in any way.

    The Numenera Player's guide is just a subset of the core book. It contains information specific to getting a player started. It doesn't give more info about the Ninth World than the core book; it actually gives less.

    If you like the Ninth World, you should go with that. Keep in mind that you'll still probably end up getting additional books; there is a bestiary, technology compendium, guidebooks for the rest of the world, space, under the seas, other dimensions, and so on. It's a big game. You can play with just the core book, but you'll end up getting more because it's just so good.
  • wkeller - fully agree with you
  • Thank you all for clearing my doubts, we're going for Numenera and already excited about it. For now we're going to use the rulebook and character options. I'm also thinking about getting the Cypher Chest, since it looks very handy, considering how often cyphers change.
    One more follow-up question:
    Which region would be the best to start with my group? It seems that Steadfast is -like- the centre of civilization and I'd prefer starting the group somewhere farther away, only later getting to 'big cities' etc.
  • The Steadfast is what is covered in the core book. You can certainly start anywhere else, but outside the Steadfast you'll need to either fill in your own details, or pick up one of the guidebooks. I'm fond of the Plains of Kataru region.
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