Star Wars - First try at a Jedi Type

Jedi type:

Jedi are focused individuals; warriors, guardians and scholars. They overcome challenges using a connection to the Force and when something needs doing they are the ones that are in the front of the action. Jedi have great strength, stamina and speed but can also excel in metal activities if that is where they focus. Most Jedi train hard and are skilled in combat no matter what their Force Focus happens to be.

Jedi Stat Pools:
Might – 10
Speed – 9
Intellect – 9
You get 6 additional points to divide among your stat Pools however you wish.

Jedi in Society: Jedi are respected and sometimes even idolized for their abilities, they are often looked to as leaders and called to the front in challenging times.

Jedi in Groups: Jedi are defenders of the weak and this is seen in most groups as they seek to protect their friends and allies. They are the ones who will charge to the front and then make sure that the others are there as well.

Jedi Tiers:

First Tier Jedi
Effort – 1
Edge – Speed or Might Edge of 1, other at 0
Cypher Use – You can bear 2 Cyphers at a time
Trained in 2 Physical skills of your choice from the following: Balancing, Climbing, Jumping, Running or Swimming (Enabler)
Practiced in all Weapons (Enabler)

Special – Starts with a Lightsaber (light Weapon)

Jedi Abilities:
As a Jedi you select 4 Abilities from the First Tier below (you cannot select the same ability more than once unless it specifies otherwise)

Physical Nature: You have a Might Edge of 1 and a Speed Edge of 1
Mental Nature: You have an Intellect Edge of 1 as well as your starting Edge
Defensive: Trained in Speed Defense when not in Armor (Enabler)
Endurance: As per Core Rules
Enthrall (1 Intellect Point): As per Core Rules
Fast Talk (1 Intellect Point): As per Core Rules
Fleet of Foot: As per Core Rules
Lightsaber Combat: You can select to make attacks with your lightsaber as a light or medium weapon
Pierce (1 Speed Point): As per Core Rules
Practiced in Armor: As per Core Rules

2nd tier Vector
Physical Skill – Choose 1 Skill from the following that you are not already trained in and gain training with that skill: Balancing, Climbing, Jumping, Running or Swimming
Skilled in Defense – As per Core Rules
Force Experience (2 Intellect Points): Gain as asset on your next Non-Combat action

Select one of the following Abilities (or an Ability from a lower tier), in addition you can replace 1 lower tier ability with a different first tier ability.

Closed Mind: As per Core Rules
Enable Others: As per Core Rules
Force Jump (2 Speed Points): You can move a Long Distance without incurring any penalty and still perform 1 action
Force Shield (2+ Intellect Points): As per Core Rules
Premonition (2 Intellect Points): As per Core Rules
Quick Recovery: As per Core Rules
Skill with Attacks: As per Core Rules
Wreck: As per Core Rules


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