Currently developing a conversion of the Dark-Sun campaign setting from THACO and Saving Throw Tables to Edge and Effort. Yep, bring Athas to Cypher. Or bringing cyphers to Athas.

I'm using the power shifts optional rule from the super hero section of the Cypher System CB to represent that Athasian characters are a cut above the rest. These shifts are determined by a character's role on Athas and their race. Yeah, race is not just a descriptor anymore.

Race is an important facet on Athas, and a character’s race should be important to their identity. New descriptors are available for each race, and suggestion for using existing descriptors to emphasize certain racial traits or bias. Each character should choose a race because, regardless of Descriptor, each race posses three inherent Power Shifts. The Power Shifts represent the adaptations each race has made to endure the harsh conditions of Athas.

Healing x, Resilience x, Intelligence x
Hardy: +2 Might
Dwarven Constitution: Trained in Might Defense Tasks
Focus: Each week the dwarf must pick a task on which he will focus. This task must be a feat requiring at least one week to complete. They could be thing such as “construct this wall” “travel to this mountain” or “hunt down this traitor”. The dwarf has an asset on all tasks that directly contribute to his completion of this task.
Inability: Dwarves are naturally non-magical, an as such using magic cyphers or other items is two steps harder, or alternatively, the item is treated as two levels lower in effectiveness. Also, they can never take the Magic Training Special Ability
Other appropriate descriptors from the CSRB are Brash, Driven, Hardy, Resilient, Tough, Vengeful

Dexterity x, Intelligence, Single Attack (LongSword or Bow) x
Cunning: +2 Intellect
Fast: +2 Speed
Desert Running: Trained in Long-Distance Running
Tribal Weapons: Practiced in Bone swords, and bows of tribal make and design.
Shady Dealer: Trained in tasks involving getting one up on someone, haggling, and bargaining for a better.
Inability: Shady, so non-dishonest dealings are one step more difficult with non-elves
Other appropriate Descriptors from the CSRB are Charming, Clever, Dishonorable, Fast, Graceful, Perceptive

Accuracy x, Dexterity x, Resilience x
Half Elves are diverse and adaptable enough that they don’t warrant their own descriptor. Some appropriate descriptors from the CSRB are Doomed, Exiled, Guarded, Mysterious, Perceptive, Rugged, Sharp-Eyed, Skeptical, Strong-Willed, Swift

Strength xxx
Big and Strong: +4 Might
Huge Muscles: You have an asset on carrying, and breaking tasks.
Impressionable: Trained in learning new tasks from example
New Skills: Every day, pick a skill to be trained in that the most influential person you met in the last 24 hours was trained or specialized in. Discuss with your GM what this means, but usually this means the most charismatic or impressive PC or NPC.
Easily Swayed: Intellect defense tasks to avoid influence are one step more difficult.
Not Made for Thinking: You have a Weakness to Intellect
Other appropriate descriptors from the CSRB are Impulsive, Lucky, Naive, Strong, Tongue-Tied

Accuracy x, Dexterity xx
Swift: +4 to Speed
Small: Because of your small stature you have a Weakness to Might. Whenever you spend points from your might pool, you must spend one additional point.
Warrior of the Wild: Trained in hunting and foraging, or specialized when in forests.
Often Overlooked: You have an asset in Stealth Tasks
Lil’ Savage: You are trained in Speed Defense
A Different Way of Seeing Things: All non-intimidation tasks when interacting with non-halflings are increased by one step.
Other appropriate descriptors from the CSRB are Honorable, Inquisitive, Mystical, Rugged, Stealthy

Humans choose any descriptor they want (except racial descriptors) and any three shifts they want.

Healing x, Resilience x, Strength x
Muscled Frame: +2 to Might
Enduring Laborer: Trained in Might Defense Tasks to continue a physical task,
Born for the Pits: Trained in Speed Defense
Other appropriate descriptors from the CSRB are Brash, Hardy, Resilient, Strong, Strong-Willed, Tough

Accuracy x, Resilience xx
Kreen Body: +2 Might, +2 Speed
Carapace: 3 points of Armor
Claws: You have claws that you are practiced in and are treated as medium weapons.
Hunting Instincts: Trained in all tasks involving hunting and devouring prey.
Would Rather Be Eating You: Interacting with non-kreens when not hunting them is two steps more difficult.
Silly Fleshies: All tasks that depend on understanding social customs of other races is one step more difficult for you.

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  2. Does this approach to Race work for you?2 votes
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    2. It has potential, but I would tweak it
    3. No, I would not use it


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    Of course, the sun wouldn't be quite as dark without The Dragon Tyr looming over

    The Dragon of Tyr 15 (45)
    The Dragon of Tyr is the single most devastating force known on the planet, with the exception of his eternal prisoner (who isn’t really “on the planet”) The Dragon demands a yearly tithe of 1,000 slaves from each City-State to satisfy his thirst for life-force energy. He lives fortress in the center of the city of Ur-Draxa, populated entirely by his slaves. ur-Draxa is itself surrounded by a 40 mile wide moat of molten magma, which is surrounded by miles of inhospitable volcanic wasteland choked with toxic winds that blow with great heat and ferocity. This volcanic wasteland is in the far reaches of the silt sea, across miles and miles of silt, through which there is no reliable means of transport. The Dragon occasionally ventures out of its fortress to wreak havoc or pursue its own sinister ends.
    Motive: Maintaining Rajaat’s prison, which requires large amounts of life-force energy.
    Environment: The Valley of Dust and Fire, or flying over The Tyr Region
    Health: 100
    Damage Inflicted: 20
    Armor: 10
    Movement: Long
    Combat: The Dragon attacks every character within short range, every round. He can choose to attack one character and immediately move that character to debilitated on the damage track.
    In addition to the following special abilities, The Dragon is assumed to be able to accomplish virtually any magical or psionic feat imaginable, such as creating a smoldering crater where a city once stood, or conjuring a burning river of animated blood.
    Destructive Spell: The Dragon unleashes a barrage of defiling magic. Alll creatures within Long Range take 5 damage as their life force is sucked out to power the spell. The Dragon can than attack an area within 1 mile. All creatures within 200 feet of the area take 20 damage. Alternatively, he can unleash the power on single person. Make a Might Roll or Die
    Mind Read:The Dragon can forcibly read the thoughts and minds of any being within 50 miles.
    Dominate: Intellect Defense roll or character is mentally dominated. The Dragon determines their actions for them. If a dominated allies intercede in some way with the domination affect, by reminding the dominated character of a loved one, or important task, or through a special ability, they may make an additional Intellect Defense roll to shake off the affect.
    Telekinesis: The Dragon has the power to telekinetically move objects or creatures within 200 feet.
    Interaction: Interaction with The Dragon of Tyr should be terrifying and rare. This is the most powerful creature in the world, and it won’t usually deign to acknowledge any but the most powerful figures. Usually, in The Dragon shows up, the destruction and havoc wreaked upon the characters will be more than enough to occupy their attention. The Dragon rarely actually speaks to anyone, and when it does it does so with perfect diction.
    Use: The Dragon is the Ultimate Final Boss of any Dark-Sun Campaign. You win, you lose, either way game is over.
    Loot: The Dragon has 10d20 Cyphers, 1d20 Artifacts, and currency equal to a hundred exorbitant items.
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