Practiced with armor

P. 184 states "if you are not experienced with a certain type of armor but wear it anyway, this cost is increased by 1. Having experience with a type of armor is called being practiced with the armor."

Let's ignore the fact that "Experienced with armor" and "Practiced in armor" are two different things, the description for "Practiced in Armor" everywhere it appears says that it reduces the speed penalty by one.

So how does it work? If I have no training whatsoever do I get a +2 malus on Speed Effort when wearing light armor, that disappears entirely if I have Practiced in Armor?
What if I spend 4 XPs to purchase an armor cost reduction? Am I practiced or not? Do I end up with a 1 or with a 2 point Speed Effort malus?

Also, can I purchase Experienced with Armor without purchasing Practiced in Armor? The wording is really unclear (same for cyphers use).


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    Taking your questions in order, I'd say

    Yes, and yes
    Then you would reduce the point cost appropriately,
    but no you would not be considered "practiced"
    I think that for someone who did not have "Practiced in Armor" from a Type, Flavor or Focus ability but did spend 4xp to reduce the cost, it would serve the same function as having that Ability. I actually don't have my book at hand, so it might instead nullify the penalty. (This also might be the same thing, not sure) If you already have the Ability from your Type etc, the effects of the xp Thing stack.

    And finally, yes.
    If you have Practiced in Armor and then take Experience in Armor, you are encouraged to trade Practiced away for another ability.

    So if you were to be making an Adept who Stands like a Bastion for example, you could use the XP cost ability to supplement your Focus, because your Type won't do it for you.

    I think it's designed to be pretty easy to be able to wear armor if you really want, so there are a lot of avenues to allow that.
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