What minis do you use?

My players prefer combat on a battle map, so we use minis during our play sessions. The only minis we have currently are from an old Star Wars campaign. Does anyone out there use minis with their group? I know DnD minis would fit Ardyn easily enough, but can you recommend anything similar in flavour for the Earth setting?


  • Personally I don't RP with miniatures, I used to but my players often spent ages deciding on exact placement of their characters and insisting on measuring all distances to get the best tactical choice, so I just do things without now. We also often play on quite small tables that only just have enough space for us to keep all out character sheets out, let alone having a gaming mat and miniatures.

    However I thought that you are asking an interesting question since I've never seen any miniatures that would fit for a real-world setting unless you're doing a modern warfare game. So I did a little searching:

    The best option I've found looks to be Call of Cthulhu miniatures: http://www.rafm.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=COCM, although most of those miniatures are monsters, there are quite a few 'normal' people there.

    I also found this thread here: http://www.crafty-games.com/forum/index.php?topic=5486.0 it discusses this and has a list of suggestions for what could be used for various types of characters, although all the suggestions there use Heroclix and Starwars miniatures.

    There was also this: http://www.bgdf.com/image/normal-people-miniatures-now-available-game-crafter-parts-shop but to be honest they look quite cheap an nasty in my opinion.

    Also, its worth asking around at your local gaming store, anyone who's being playing a lot of different RPGs for years might have some other suggestions.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. What I decided to do was focus on something affordable until I can find just the right flavour. I went with a blind box of Heroclix. I actually got the Legion of Superheroes series, which turned out really well since it meant that the players weren't fighting over who got to be Spider-Man.

    I've taken to using poker chips for monsters. I've got a variety or colours and patterns in various "free gifts" over the years, so it's easy for me to tell them apart. Poker chips are also similar in size to the Heroclix bases. While they might be a bit oversized for the average battle-grid they compliment each other nicely.
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