Help developing some Foci: Will Rock You

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Hello all. New member here, but I've become a big fan of both Numenera and the cypher system.
. . .Well, most of it, anyways. I think I've seen this complaint around before, not necessarily on here, about how. . .bland the Glaive was, or at least many of the options for it. I know it's a meleer, but still. That in mind, even reading over the many foci that were available, I found that I felt that they either didn't synergize that well with the Glaive, were a bit too straight forward, or just didn't fit what I wanted to play as a character. I could be wrong on the first two points, but it was the third point that moved me to come here and ask for help.
Giving it some thought, I thought about some admittedly. . .bizarre influences that I wanted to bring to a foci that would be balanced and still give me what I was looking for. And so I looked at Guilty Gear, particularly Xrd/ Xrd Sign. My concept for the Glaive I wanted to play was heavily based on Sol Badguy, so I wanted to create a track that would give me what I was looking for while still balanced.

So here we are; I have. . .something already made, but I was hoping for the help of a much bigger group of minds and seeing if something better could be made. If/when the Sol Badguy track, affectionately named "Will Rock You" is finished, I was kind of hoping to make a few more Guilty Gear-inspired foci, but those can waste.

The big themes I'm hoping for in this track are: Nuclear flames, heavy emphasis on breaking things, a short-ranged poke option (gunflame I believe), Dragon Install (at least one level of it), maybe a single option to combo an opponent a bit, and of course, the instant kill move (note; this doesn't need to be instant kill, it's just a big iconic part of Sol's repertoire), and of course the strength and flames associated with his attacks.

I hope it's not an impossible task, so let me know what you all think. Aside from the influence being silly or bizarre; I already know that much.
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