Questions about the books and cards

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I new in this world and I looking for the right books to start knowing about Numenera, The Strange and Chypher System. I have a few questions.

The XP Cards, its recommend one deck for each player or for the entire group?
What is Thunderstone Advance Numenera?
I need buy Cypher System Rulebook with the other books? Or the Numenera corebook and The Strange have everything?

Thanks everyone.


  • The cards aren't necessary, any token representing current XP will do. They are nice and work well, however. You just need one deck for the table unless you've got an unusually large number of players.

    Thunderstone Advance Numenera is a deck-building card game using Numenera branding and background. It's a tie-in to Numenera but not part of the RPG.

    You do NOT need the Cypher System Rulebook to play Numenera or The Strange. All the mechanics are in the individual core books. The CSR is generally for creating your own gameworlds using the Cypher System mechanics. If you're playing Numenera or The Strange, just get those core books.
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