Effecting creatures with artifacts

I was looking in the Ardeyn artifacts and something jumped out at me. A lot of the spellbook artifacts have those who succeed on a level 3 into task can then effect x.

Does this mean that you succeed on the task and then you can attack individuals or does succeeding means you make the attack?

For example using Spellbook Of Dreadimos Felthane. Do you make the level 3 int task and then are then able to attack targets that are within immediate distance of each other?

Also would you have effort for each target? Or spending on the single attack?


  • The wording in the book is "When the user incants from the spellbook and succeeds at a level 3 Intellect-based task, she can attempt to...", key word there is 'attempt' i.e. if you succeed the level 3 task you can try to attack with it.

    For the Spellbook Of Dreadimos Felthane the targets that are affected must be within long range of the character using it, and within immediate range of each other. Basically its an area effect with an immediate range but can be thrown a long distance, sort of like a grenade.

    These also mention that the level of the target creature cannot be greater than the level of the artifact, i.e. if the level of the spellbook is 5, then only creatures of level 5 and lower can be affected, whereas if the spellbook was only level 2, only level 1 and 2 creatures can be affected.

    Since the task to use the spellbook and the task to attack are separate, Effort is therefore separate as well. That means you can apply 3 levels of Effort to make the task to use the spellbook an auto-success and you can still apply up to your normal Effort max on the attack. Although this would use a lot of a player's Intellect Pool in a single round, especially if they have 6 Effort.

    When dealing with groups the general rule is to roll against the highest level creature targeted and success affects all while failure affects none. Therefore Effort applied goes against all targets in the one roll.

    Something slightly more realistic (and complicated) would be to consider the success thresholds of all target levels in the single dice roll. For example, if you're rolling against a group containing level 2 and level 3 creatures, rolling a 7 would succeed against the level 2 creatures but not the level 3 ones (target 9), therefore only the level 2 creatures would be successfully affected. Effort applied would still affect all creatures targeted.
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