Qephilim Kindreds

So Embraces Qephilim Ancestry gives you a choice of your kindred, but in the write up of the kindreds a lot of them are like "They dont exist any more."

So the question is the Foci the exception to the rule? would a Qephilim of Law be the first one seen in forever?



  • The only ancestry that the book actually states doesn't exist is the Qephilim of Desire with the line 'now they exist only as rumor'. Some others hint at rarity but not extinct, and the existence of others is well known but rarely seen.

    Here's my take on each one.

    War - Most Qephilim in Ardeyn are descendants of Kindreds of War, therefore they are common.
    Death - Everyone knows they still exist, but they rarely leave the Night Vault.
    Lore - Book states 'When the Incarnation of Lore disappeared, so did most keepers'. The key word there is 'most', therefore not all, but few would ever see them.
    Silence - Book states 'No one has seen a monitor in over a century, at least no one credible'. That doesn't mean none exist.
    Commerce - They inhabit the cities under the surface of Oceanus, so like the Court of Death, everyone knows they're still around, they're just not seen often.
    Law - The wording in the book is 'None are believed to remain in Ardeyn.' Key word there is 'believed', i.e. some may remain, also, no one can say that none returned?
    Desire - I'd see these in a similar way to the Qephilim of Silence, no one credible has seen one, ever.

    What you also have to remember is when someone from Earth translates into Ardeyn they have never existed there before, they appear to fit in because of the rules of translation but they have no history there. So you could therefore use the idea that a player being a Qephilim of Law is the first to have been seen in a long time, as well as the idea that some do exist but few know where and who they are.

    But also remember that ALL Qephilim were once Kindreds under an Incarnation, only the Sark have completely lost their connection. Therefore all Qephilim will hold some connection with one of the incarnations in some way, it is only those who 'Embrace Their Qephilim Ancestry' who manifest this. So, any Qephilim who isn't a mercenary (descended from a War Kindred) could potentially be descended from another Kindred but cannot manifest it.

    Another way to see it is in how genetics works, some genes lay inside people's genetic code for generations before manifesting, this could be seen as a similar thing.

    Ultimately, it depends on how you, or your GM, wants to run things.

    Hope this helps.
  • Im planning on running Ardeyn as a straight up fantasy setting, but if I offered the Embraces Qephilim Ancestry I just wanted to know where that might fit in.
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