Typo in the pregens - Haro

The numenera box set contains some pregens (which are also in the Weird Discoveries book), one of whom is Haro, a Clever Nano who Focuses Mind Over Matter.

As far as I can tell, Haro has a typo - he is shown as having 1 armor. I am pretty sure this is an error, perhaps due to copypasta from the other pregen Nano (Etolas), who has the Ward esotery (but is relatively similar). Haro also has a sad, lonely orphan "Mental esoteries" written in line four of the special abilities block.

I'm partly posting this because I don't know where to actually go in order to discuss the content (does MCG even have a forum?) and partly because I want to check my understanding of the rules. I don't *think* there's anywhere else that this armor would come from - Haro isn't wearing armor and doesn't seem to have a special ability to give him armor.
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