With the help of a reddit user I've conjured a new species descriptor. For the reddit discussion click this.

Still, here's the writeup for you to comment, criticise and pull apart - as constructively as you possibly can (hopefully) ;)

The Perofal is a race of birdmen that by and large live in caves and small communities high up in the Clock of Kala. Perofal have beaks and keen eyes, their bodies are covered in tiny (usually grey or brown) feathers with powerful wings on their backs. Perofal can use their wings to fly due to their hollow bones. Perofal are traditionally and culturally hunters, as their predatory origins implies. They come across as reserved, viewed typically as a pragmatic and cold people not interested in outsiders (except maybe as prey). Perofal communities organise differently based on the accessibility of food, proximity to human or other Perofal communities and other resources. Most Perofal will be glaives, jacks being uncommon and Perofal nanos are very rare.

All Perofal characters in Numenera have the following characteristics:
Agile: +2 to your Speed Pool
Inability: Due to the avian nature of your species suffer from claustrophobia, increasing all Intellect pool point costs by 1 whenever inside small to medium sized buildings and rooms (GM’s discretion).
Inability: Whenever grounded the difficulty of any task involving resisting a physical force or lifting heavy objects is increased by one step.
Fragile: Due to your hollow bone structure bludgeoning weapons do +1 additional damage.
Skill: You have an asset on any visual perception task.
Wings: You can successfully glide down any drop you were expecting and unexpected drops of more than 20 feet (6 meters), for shorter drops it is a difficulty 5 speed task to react fast enough. Also, due to your hollow bones and larger ratio of cartilage you are able to use your wings to take flight, provided there is a suitable amount of space. While flying you may move a long distance each round as an action, short distance as part of an action and you are considered trained in speed defence. You may fly for extended periods, able to cover about 20 miles in an hour and about 100 miles in a day. Carrying any other bulky object or creature while flying is generally a difficulty 3 might task, but may be modified as the GM sees fit. You cannot fly if wearing heavier than medium armour.


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