I'm planning to have my group teleported to an outpost on Europa. The big reveal of it's location will be opening a viewing port and seeing Jupiter dominating the sky.

This post is basically me seeking inspiration for what I could do with Jupiter. Anybody else used the planet, had stories set there or can think of interesting and weird ideas.

Any and all help appreciated.


  • The Great Red Spot is gone (or there are five of them).
    Jupiter now has a ring system.
    Titan only exists during one-third of its orbit.
    The orbit of Jupiter and its moons is now unstable, tidal forces are slowly ripping Europa apart (see also ring system idea above).
    The cloud systems of Jupiter now include green and black.
    Near one of Jupiter's poles, there is a vortex that goes down through the layers of clouds to... something.
    A microsingularity has entered the Jupiter system, slowly siphoning off material from the planet (see also destabilized orbits above).
    Jupiter is now stationary. It no longer orbits the sun.
    Jupiter no longer exists in the Sol system. Upon transportation, you find yourself viewing Jupiter while orbiting a binary star.
    Two words: The Monolith.
    When observing Jupiter with some type of magnifying device, you can see this thing. When you see it, it looks back at you:
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