Borderlands Movie Casting

So apparently Lion's Gate is gonna do a movie based on Bordelands. So, that makes for a good fun time to toss out your cast wishlists. Here's my thoughts, in no particular order:

Terry Crews as Mr. Torgue (Yeah, I know Torgue is a white guy in the game. I don't care. Tell me Terry Crews wouldn't KILL this role)
Christopher Lloyd as Sir Hammerlock
Ashly Burch as Tiny Tina (You'd have to do this. Make it work)
Jim Carrey as the voice of Claptrap
Idris Elba an Roland
Christina Hendricks as Mad Moxxi (Jessica Nigri would be acceptable, but not really being an actress, I'm not sure it'd work)
Matthew McConn...whatever as Handsome Jack
DJ Qualls as Scooter
Melissa McCarthy as Ellie
Vin Diesel as Brick
Steve Buscemi as Face McShooty
Bruce Campbell as Dr. Zed
Danny DeVito as Marcus
Emma Watson as Maya
Julianne Hough as Lilith
Sarah Hyland as Gaige
Channing Tatum as Axton
Sandra Bullock as Tannis
Jared Leto as Mordecai

Who'd I miss? Who'd you do differently? Debate and share!


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