Hang on, I saw some guy do this once... (Not-so Special Abilities)

Some of the Special Abilities are really reflective of training, but there's nothing special preventing someone from attempting them, though the outcomes aren't going to be as good as someone with proper training. The penalties for attempting these tasks are pretty crippling, but (In My Opinion) it's a better option than saying someone is magically prevented from attempting it.

Spray and Pray (Spray):
A character without the Spray ability can use a Rapid Fire weapon and attempt to hose down a single target with bullets (or other projectiles). This will decrease the difficulty of the attack by one step, however it will consume the entire magazine and reduce damage of the attack by half.

Arc Spray and Pray (Arc Spray):
A character without the Arc Spray ability can use a Rapid Fire weapon and attempt to walk his shots across multiple targets. Just like Arc Spray, three targets within Immediate range of each other may be targeted, however the entire magazine is consumed (as per Spray and Pray above), the attack is at three steps more difficult and the weapon does half damage.

Dual Wielding for the Unfocused:
A character without the “Wields Two Weapons at Once” Focus may attack with a weapon in each hand but both attacks are two levels more difficult and may not be against more than one target.

This does not impact using a Quarterstaff or a Spear as a light weapon and a defensive asset (my own house rule, below), but does impact using a Quarterstaff or Spear as two light weapons

This also effects characters who Wield Two Weapons At Once of tiers 1 and 2 who try to wield two medium or one medium and one light weapon.

Rolling a natural 1 or 2 on either attack means the character has hit themselves for half the weapon's damage in addition to the free GM Intervention on a roll of 1.

Bonus House Rule: Quarterstaves
Related to the dual-wielding rule above, Quarterstaves and Spears may be used in two hands as dual light weapons (including making the attack roll easier by one Step as per Light Weapons), or a single light weapon and provide an asset to Speed Defense like a Shield, or normally as a Medium weapon.

If used as dual light weapons a roll of a natural 1 means the user has hit themselves for 2 points in addition to the free GM Intervention (Unless they have the Uses Two Weapons At Once Focus)

This rule allows Nanos to make proper use of the Quarterstaff as it's one typically carried by 'Wizards' even in the Ninth World.
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